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Thinking About Digital Detox? Things To Know Beforehand

These days most of you probably start your day by looking at your phone…scrolling through gloomy news about the coronavirus surge. The rest of your daily routine might be something like this: Divided among streaming movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.. watching videos on YouTube and playing video games or working in front of your laptop/desktop. What is common in all these? All of these activities involve staring at a screen.

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Enhance Your Fashion Sense With The Following Tips

Fashion sense is an important key to stand out everywhere you go, but most of the time it is difficult to decide what to wear and what not? If these are the problem you face every day then these amazing tips will help you to enhance your fashion style.

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What Defines Life Better, Success or Failure?

Everyone portrays their own kind of story. It can be of success or failure, love or betrayal, rain or shine, and wrong or right. These things can better describe their journey of life. Few of them easily express their kind while others wait for the perfect time or keep in their heart. Actually, life gives the opportunity to everyone equally; some grabs them while some miss them. This is a very bitter truth that all of us had made some mistakes at a glance in our life that made us realize that life is actually the way we are.

Fashion and hype
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Understanding The Relation Between Fashion And Hype!

Have you ever seen a piece of clothing that you loved, looked at the price tag, immediately put the hanger down, and felt the need to leave the shop? Yes, we all have ‘been there, done that’. We also have wished to buy designer clothes that celebrities gracefully wear. But by just looking at the price tag, we often keep this idea hidden inside our mind deep down. However, have you ever wondered why there is so much hype around designer dresses? It is all just about marketing and selling, or there is a point behind it?

Packing checklist
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Traveler’s Guide: The Ultimate Travel Packing List For Summer Vacations!

You have booked your flight/train/bus tickets, you have arranged your stay at hotels/resorts… This is it! Summer vacation is all in your mind, but what is so hectic about it then? We all know the obvious answer: Packing! It is the real challenge. Because there’s always that anxious voice inside your head telling you ‘Didn’t I leave something at home?’ If you also dread that voice but want to enjoy your summer vacation without thinking about it, we have got you covered with all the necessary traveling checklists for your packing.

Creativity to release stress
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Why Do We All Need A Little Bit Of Creativity In Our Life?

We all live in a ridiculously fast-paced world; surrounded by the utter chaos of work and technology available at the disposition of our fingertips; juggling with life trying to balance an intense lifestyle; that demands; rather forces people to stay updated; stay connected with everyone and everything all at once, while the time just passes by right in front of our eyes. Being over-productive, working long hours, diving deep into work, and neglecting one’s own well-being, health, or sleep are somewhat celebrated and considered a trait of intellectual superiority.

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20 Inspirational Quotes By Mega Star Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan! The name has so much weightage that it speaks of power, fame, dignity, and more! Also referred to as the Shahenshah of Bollywood, Sadi ka Mahanayak (Greatest actor of the century), Star of the Millennium, or Big B, Amitabh Bachchan has done over 200 movies across multiple languages. He might be widely known for his acting in Bollywood films, but he also is a film producer, television host, occasional playback singer, and a former politician.

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2020’s Best Women-Centric Bollywood Movies

From playing decorative roles in movies to playing a strong force, women have come a long way. It was recently when the number of female-centric films in Bollywood grew consistently so much that we have dozens of such films in the last few years. The year 2020 broke the notion of men ruling Bollywood. 2020 was all about women in Hindi cinema.

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AstaDaily: All-In-One Supplement for Vision, Heart, and Skin

We are living in a world where health is critically important! Having a sound mind and body is what keeps everyone going. We often try to take up all the nutrients from the food we eat, but sometimes, additional nutrients are also needed for the proper functioning of the body. For this, we take external supplements, but not all supplements are well researched and proven to be effective without any side effects.

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2020 In A Nutshell: Netflix’s Top 10 Most Watched Movies And Series

This year was filled with overwhelming emotions for all of us! The saving grace during the pandemic were movies and series, and the OTT platforms serving binge-watching options. With social distancing, lockdowns, and quarantine becoming daily topics of conversations and becoming our new normal, it was a good business for streaming sites like Netflix, Primevideo, Hulu, etc. as subscribers just couldn’t get enough.

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Perinatal Depression: Signs and Causes in Soon-to-be Mothers

Those two pink lines brought a big smile to Sujata‘s face. After six years of marriage, she and Ravi were finally going to be parents. When she broke the news to Ravi, his joy knew no bounds. While the whole family was waiting eagerly to welcome this cute little addition, time was flying.


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