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Cheese Burst Pizza: Homemade Recipe To Glow Your Health With Pride

Homemade cheese burst pizza

Who doesn’t love a Cheese Burst Pizza with cheese oozing out of the crust and the way that melts in our mouth once we take a bite, OMG!! We know you love it too!! Our amazing pizza recipe is here with great toppings and new ideas; Stay tuned till the end for easy step-by-step instructions for this mouthwatering recipe!!

Homemade pizza

You feel blameworthy as well. No worries, we have come up with a homemade recipe for you all.

Cheesy love crunchy crust with every bite full outburst,

Delicate toppings, Onion rings make me forget all the things.

Benefits of Cheese Burst Pizza at home:

  1. Use of less processed ingredients
  2. Choice of Crust, Base & Toppings
  3. Choice of homemade pizza sauces
  4. Can be prepared & served hot through your oven anytime
  5. Cheaper than restaurant pizza
  6. Healthier than restaurant pizzas
  7. Best quality Cheese

Disadvantages of Cheese Burst Pizza at Restaurant:

  1. A refined flour-based dough
  2. Less topping options
  3. Thick crust than the base
  4. Use of colorants & thickening agents
  5. Added stabilizers & preservatives
  6. Gluten-containing base
  7. Low quality cheese
  8. Expensive

Ingredients for Dough:

Sr. No.IngredientQuantity
1Wheat Flour2 cups
2Salt1 tbsp
3Powdered Rock Sugar1 tbsp
4Baking Powder1/4th tbsp
5Baking Soda1/8th tbsp
6Curd/Yogurt5-6 tbsp

Ingredient for Toppings:

Sr. No.IngredientQuantity
1Paneer Cubes2 tbsp
2Sweet Corn2 tbsp
3Chopped Onion2 tbsp
4Chopped Capsicum2 tbsp
5Olives1 tbsp
6Jalapeno1 tbsp
7Bell Pepper1 tbsp

Ingredient for Dressings:

Sr. No.IngredientQuantity
1Garlic Ghee3 tbsp
2Cheese Spread/
Cheese Slices
4 tbsp/
6-7 units
3Homemade Pizza Sauce2 tbsp
4Pizza Cheese/ Mozzarella Cheese5-6 tbsp


Step 1: Make Dough

Homemade pizza
  1. Take wheat flour, salt, sugar, baking powder, and baking soda. Give it a mix.
  2. Add curd/yogurt to it and knead the dough till it’s soft and elastic.

Step 2: Prepare Your Base

Homemade pizza
Homemade pizza
  1. Cut dough in a 2:1 ratio and take smaller portions. Roll it evenly to get a 7 inches round base.
  2. Prick it with a fork and cook it on a nonstick pan for 45 sec. on each side.
  3. Grease tin/pizza plate/steel plate put 1 tbsp garlic butter and take a larger portion of dough.
  4. Spread it evenly with your fingers to make it 8 inches.

Step 3: Make Cheese Burst Base

Homemade pizza
  1. Spread cheese slices/cheese spread in the 8 inches base, don’t cover the edges.
  2. Cover it with 7 inches pizza base.
  3. Fold the edges of 8 inches pizza base to pack it completely.

Step 4: Decorate Your Pizza

  1. Spread homemade pizza sauce evenly on base.
  2. Add cheese slices/pizza cheese.
  3. Add toppings of your choice and more cheese.

Step 5: Bake Your Pizza:

Homemade pizza

Bake it at 200 degrees Celsius for 15 mins. OR Microwave it for 8 mins. OR Bake in Kadhai/Pan

Step 6: Cut It & Serve Piping Hot:

Homemade pizza

Here you go, you can now eat a homemade, savory but healthy pizza sitting at your place, and that too without any guilt!

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