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Fashion Tips To Ensure You Always Look Stylish

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Being cozy yet look stylish is an underrated art. Many times people, to look fashionable, choose the wrong outfits that go wrong. I am sure you won’t like to experience something like this.

Miuccia Prada once said that “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

This statement pertains to you too. You should be well maintained always. You should know how to carry yourself confidently. There is fashion know-how that everyone should know. In the absence of proper knowledge, things get erroneous. 

Scroll down to know some of the all-time advice. They are known to be the best suggestions of all time. They are universally applicable. Have a look:

Know how to balance 

Balancing refers to the steadiness of the dress. Your dress should complete your look. In simple words, it should suit you. The top and bottom of the dress should complement each other. The key to a successful fashionable look is a perfect balance. Otherwise, you may look bizarre. Remember to make sure you balance your look while following the trend. 

Fashion Tips

Experiment with the look

There are endless beautiful dresses but not every dress will look great on you. Do some strategic shopping and wear something that will make you look cozy yet fashionable. Experiment with your look now and then and you will know what suits you and whatnot. Experiment with layering the attire and give your plain-looking dress a perfect end.

Fashion Tips

Know what suits you

Not every color suits you the reason being your skin tone. Next time, while selecting or purchasing any outfit, consider your skin tone. This year, fill your closet with colors that suit you best. When you wear the color that suits you, you look confident and charming. Follow trends but they should be compatible with your age.

Fashion Tips

Must-have Jackets

Indeed black and white are wardrobe-essentials. Moreover, many of us don’t know about must-have jackets too. Get a leather jacket and a denim jacket soon and complete your cool look with them. This year add these jackets to your closet. Wearing them would give you a cool casual look.

Fashion Tips

Accessories are underrated

Always complete your look with accessories. A watch or a bracelet will work. Not always you need a piece of jewelry to pair up with the dress. Hat, sunglasses, stylish bags, shoes, etc also play a major role. If you believe that you have to sacrifice your comfort to look stylish, you are wrong. Comfort and style can go hand in hand.

Fashion Tips

Add colors to your wardrobe

Monochromes look cool but sometimes wearing too matchy-matchy may spoil your look. Try to choose contrasting colors. Wear diversified jewelry to complete your look. Don’t be uncomfortable while trying to look younger. If you want to wear something revealing be selective in showing off your body. Not everything suits everyone.

Fashion Tips

Have a signature style

Have a fashionable style statement. Arrange dresses accordingly. Choose colors wisely. It is not bad to have a signature style. Seems needless to suggest but you need this suggestion. Have a pre-selected dress for every morning/ evening. This will save you from wearing the same thing frequently. Use the weekend to select dresses for varied events be it formal or casual.

Fashion Tips


The bottom line is that knowing these pieces of advice won’t give any result unless applied in practical life. Keep on learning and growing girls. Stay fashionable stay comfortable. It’s time to focus on fashion and get stylish.

This article is contributed by Pratyusha Reddy!

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