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Pursuit Of Life: Are You Really Living The Life You Wanted To?

Are you really living the life you wanted to? 

Did everything go as per the plans you made?

Certainly yes, perhaps no, but how can we be happy with the things we have and don’t stress out for the things we don’t have.

Life is very short to have all the riches you don’t need, we explicitly consider things we don’t need much for a happy life, hesitating for the things we are really looking for.

We all would agree to this that a lot has changed and made us realized in this last year life is too short to run for things which mess you and your lovely life, we have to let the life fill with the joys of living every day, I know, we all think it’s easy to just narrate and hard to get this done. 

Where do we lack is to get a fresh start, we always think, how, before we question “why” 

However to start afresh, we need to switch this around and think for the “why” first, the “how” will relatively vanish into the shadows behind us.

Live your life

We have been always worried in our life about being behind, we always gauge ahead and look for all the possible ways we are back because of, but the true meaning of life is to look behind and see how incredible the journey was which lead you on that place, did you ever wondered at the first place that you will ever make this far.

When a ship sails in a sea, the speed still is calculated by the knots it passes through keeping aside the facts whether the waves will make it divert from a certain route, the real journey only starts when the paths are not defined and you rejoice your past.


Let your deep desires crave out a new self out of yourself, let your hidden smile explore the beauties of your chicks, let your eye’s ocean have the waves it always wishes. Sit back and relax for a while, it’s always okay, The last question you will ever ask yourself will be the same ” did you really lived a life worth flashing before your eyes? if you are not then start now.

So start today, get up and book that appointment you were willing to take, go for that coffee you never ordered, skip that meeting, call that someone you promised to call back. Perhaps all the others may be waiting for you. Waiting for you to really live the life you wanted.

This blog is contributed by Abhishek Anjani!

Author Bio: This is #lunaticshadow’s first publish as a struggling writer, he chooses to be a ghostwriter under this pen-name of his. He considers Penning down the broken thoughts we hold in our solitude when we can’t hear the noise from the chaos we belong to. A foodie who loves to cook as well, gaining him a little weight too. He hopes you find some calm moments reading his short stories. Your kind support is much appreciated.

Abhishek Anjani


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