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Environmental Education

Environmental education in preschoolers

Environmental education is important for the full development of the individual. Adults show how to sort garbage, reduce plastic consumption, how to dispose of certain categories of things, etc. If from childhood a baby is brought up in such an atmosphere, then he will have a thrifty attitude towards nature.

Healthy baby

Easy Tips: How to Improve Immune System of Our Kids in Autumn

Autumn is a significant time when we need to strengthen the immune system of our kids. Especially due to quarantine time. When the cold weather starts, most parents think about how to protect their children from frequent colds and infections. Today our specialists have prepared several easy tips on how to help the child’s immunity to withstand the autumn-winter period.

What Makes a Good Toy?

It’s almost the end of October and just in a few weeks will run around the shops or search the webs to find a great Christmas gift for our precious children. Of course, the most widespread gift is a toy. But the range is so wide today that we don’t know what to buy.

Eight secrets of a long and happy life

What unites the happiest people on Earth? Recently, a scientists study analyzed the common signs of people who are satisfied with their lives and consider themselves happy. Let’s take a closer look at these signs.

Eco-Tips How to Help Save Natural Resources

Recently, more and more people are thinking about how to preserve the environment. We have finally realized that natural resources are not eternal, which means that it is important to save and protect them. Today we want to give you just a few eco-tips that everyone should use in everyday life to save our Nature!


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