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summer skincare
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Get Ready for the Summer With Me!

With the spring season blooming in, the weather is starting to get a little warmer (a relief from the freezing temperature). The trees are growing fresh green leaves, flowers are blooming. Everywhere you look you see a new beginning. And as we begin our March towards the March…It is also the time to bring front our summer clothes and also uncomplicate our skincare routine to get ourselves ready for the summer.

hair spa
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Pamper Yourself with a Nice Rejuvenating Hair Spa!!

Feeling frustrated with the way your hair looks, not wanting to touch your hair after a long trip?? And somehow your favorite shampoo has stopped working for you…I have been there a week back! My suggestion to you all is – “Treat yourself to a Hair Spa!!”

post diwali skincare
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How To Restore Your Skin’s Health Post-Diwali?

Lights, crackers, diyas, sweets, rangolis, card games and more lights! Diwali is always full of these. We all love the bright lights twinkling around us while we are dressed our best in traditional dresses. But Diwali in India is also known for one more thing, and that is: Smoke! The air quality index (AQI) faces a drastic change the very next day after Diwali.

Facial massage
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A Guide on Facial Massage for a Healthy Glowing Skin!!

At some point in time, you all have enjoyed a good session of body massage. Be it in a relaxing environment in the spa or your toddler standing/walking on your back while watching TV. And I bet, after this massage session, you did feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Just like your body, your facial muscles also need a massage to maintain a healthy glow in your skin.

face sheets
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Face Sheet Masks: An Instant Hassle-free Skincare Routine!

We often do not get time to sit, relax, and pamper our skin in this bustling life. Making DIYs out of kitchen ingredients is no doubt a very natural and inexpensive way to take care of your skin. But it often gets tedious and one might feel lazy sometimes. And to deal with this, we are now being introduced to the wonders of face sheet masks and serums. All thanks to the growing Korean series and pop culture. (all Korean fans will agree with me!)

let your locks flutter in summer
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Let Your Locks Flutter In Summers Too!

Hot sunny mornings, and humid messy evenings along with all the dry, salty aroma, are the greatest ordeals for hair. It’s no surprise why oily scalp, split ends and lifeless hair are usual complaints. So, here are some necessary hacks to keep your hair healthy, when the mercury hits triple-digit readings.

morning saliva for acne
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“Morning Saliva for Your Acne Scars!” Eww to Wow Moment!!

Morning saliva is the best for treating acne scars. And by morning saliva, I mean applying saliva before brushing your teeth or drinking water. During the whole night, the saliva secretion is lowered which is why the juice is purest at this stage. The high-acidic nature of morning saliva kills the microbes and disinfects the skin.

monsoon hair care
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Monsoons Never Fail To Bring Us Joy And Hair Problems!

Monsoon is here! Breezy showers and lush greenery all around surely refresh us and brings relief from the scorching summer heat. While most of us love rain, the increased level of humidity makes it difficult for our skin and hair. As the weather changes, you alter a few things in your skincare routine. Likewise, to take care of your hair during the monsoon, you need to change a few things too.

climate change skincare
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8 Simple Skincare Tips To Follow During The Climate Change

When the climate changes, it directly impacts our skin. Your skin can either look dry or oily as there is a drop and rise in the temperature respectively. Humidity also plays a major role in the way your skin looks. You might have observed that when the rainy season is nearby, your skin starts feeling oily. And when the winter is coming, your skin starts looking dry and flaky.

onion oil
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Onion – “Will bring Happy Tears if you use me as an Onion Oil”

The most common and stressful problem all of us face is – HAIRFALL. We all are aware that Pollution and Harmful Sun Rays are our hair’s enemy. Every day, even after protecting our hair with scarves or caps, it still gets damaged and loses its natural shine. This problem is not only prevalent in females, but males also go through the same issue.

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Do Black Spots and Tan Lines on Your Face Bother You?

When you look in the mirror, do black spots or tanning bother you? I guess it might bother some of you. Some might have tried hiding it with a concealer or even tried some dermatological creams or face packs. But still, after some days you could see black spots on your face and then you end up giving up. Black spots or tan lines are very stubborn and require a lot of attention as well as patience to get rid of. And, they can affect any and every skin type.

conscious skincare
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Conscious Skincare: Self-love and Saving The Planet 

“Don’t forget to apply Ubtan to remove tanning,” is a line that we have all heard from our grandmothers! Ubtan, which is a blend of chickpea flour, turmeric and sandalwood, is a ubiquitous part of Indian culture. The ideal beauty rituals in India have ranged from Ayurvedic treatments, DIY skincare recipe secrets to now, modern scientific solutions. Indian skincare and cosmetic companies of today are pushing the envelope of innovation and sustainability.


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