India's 1st Bottled Cold Brewed Coffee - Based Drink


What's Inside
100% Arabica Beans
Purified Water
2X Energy
100 Times Lower Acidity
What's Not
No Added Sugar
No Preservatives
No Dairy
No Artificial Flavors

Ways To Drink Bolt

On The Rocks

Ingredients :
Bolt Cold Brew, Ice Cubes

Procedure :
Fill a glass with ice cubes. Pour Bolt Cold Brew slowly as you soak in the aroma. Give the glass a swirl. Drink it slowly, like James Bond.
Orange & Cinnamon

Ingredients :
Bolt Cold Brew, Orange, Cinnamon

Procedure :
Add ice to the glass. Squeeze the orange wedge and rub the peel around the edge and leave it in the glass.


Ingredients :
Bolt Cold Brew, Condensed Milk

Procedure :
Can’t have coffee without milk? Add 2 spoonful of sweetened condensed milk to Bolt Cold Brew and make it Vietnamese.

Ingredients :
Bolt Cold Brew, Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Procedure :
Warm up a bottle of Bolt Cold Brew. Pour it in a glass. Add a tablespoon of cold pressed, virgin coconut oil. Stir and enjoy.

Ingredients :
Bolt Cold Brew, Almond Milk

Procedure :
Allergic to dairy? Add some Almond/Soy milk to Bold Cold Brew and make it Vegan!
Brew & Tonic

Ingredients :
Bolt Cold Brew, Tonic Water, Lemon

Procedure :
In the mood for something sweeter? Add about 60% tonic water and 40% Bolt. Pour it over ice and enjoy it chilled.

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