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Advantages Of Using A Sit-Stand Desk At Your Workplace

sit stand desk

We live in a world that is growing vastly! We are too busy making it perfect that we often forget that we are sometimes risking our health and life for it.

Sitting for almost a whole day can increase the risk of many health problems. To make a difference in this compact way of living and working, we have been introduced to a simple yet innovative desk design especially for corporate employees, a “sit-stand desk”.

What is a Sit-Stand Desk?

sit stand desk

A sit-stand desk is a desk that allows you to sit and work or stand and work according to your comfort. It blends beautifully with your work ethics, your comfort and plays a great role in preventing your health from degrading.

Benefits of using a sit-stand desk:

  1. Lowers the risk of obesity – Because standing can cause you to burn those extra calories. You are working in the office then why not make the most use of the working term by shedding extra fats?
  1. Lowers the Blood sugar level – Constantly sitting after taking meals increases your calorie intake, hence increasing your blood sugar level. Thus a sit-stand desk prevents your body from producing unnecessary sugar levels. 
  1. Lowers the risk of heart disease and cancer – Studies have proven that sitting for long hours daily can increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. So it is advised to take a walk or to stand up in between your office work.
  1. Reduces back pain – One of the most common health conditions in the corporate world is back pain. This is due to the posture in which we sit for hours. Walking every now and then and relaxing your muscles from the same sitting position can help you in relieving back pain.
  1. Boosts up your mood – Sitting at the same place in the same posture for long hours can kill your mood and make your mind more stressed. Taking a friendly walk can always help you cheer your mood. 
  1. Longevity (Longer life span)  – Studies have proven that sitting for more than 11 hours a day increases the chance of early death. So, on the bright side sit and stand desks can prove friendly in your longevity.
  1. Better body posture – As said earlier, the way you sit has a great impact on your body posture as well as on your life. 

Important things to consider before using a sit-stand desk:

Have a slow start when you are changing your habit from all day sitting to standing. When you switch to a stand-desk make sure you are standing on a gel mat so that it won’t hurt your feet. Rightly set up your desk that the computer screen is 15-30 inches apart from you. Once you have mastered yourself with this adjusting sit and stand desk then you will start feeling positive vibes. 

sit stand desk


Sit and stand desk, as fun as it sounds, can bring plenty of benefits in your professional as well as in personal life. 


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