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Meditate All Your Worries Away!!

There are many things in this life that you have no control over and most of the time you can’t do anything about it. And during this time, I am sure you will be getting lots of “do this….it will help..” But You are the one who definitely has some control over your mind and your body. And that control is very easy to attain. You can win that control with a few minutes of SIMPLE MEDITATION PRACTICE. 

first flight
Live Well,

Butterflies and Everything Nice:​ My First Flight Experience​

I am sure most of the people have written in their resumes that their hobby is to travel. And most of us really choose some companies which offer travel opportunities. Travelling often gives you some “me time”, peace, and benefit to engage with the travel surroundings. Bus, Trains, Two-wheelers, Cars, Auto-rickshaw, Carts, Flights, Choppers, etc. all have their own different feel and experience and when it’s the first time, it’s always a memorable one.

Live Well,

Mindfulness: “Being Calm in the Chaos”

Has it ever happened to you that while you are presenting to a client/class and you start sweating out of nervousness? Or maybe you go to a room and suddenly forget why you came here in the first place or just forget what you were saying to a friend? If yes, how did it make you feel? Completely out of control or you thought all hell broke loose?

dos and donts in rainy season
Live Well,

Do’s And Don’ts During The Rainy Season

Rains are finally here to give us some relief from the scorching heat of the sun. But what brings happiness also brings along some sorrows. Rainy season not only brings a refreshing change to the weather, but also causes diseases due to the change in weather. Here are a few dos and don’ts you must follow during the rainy season to stay safe.

dvj deepak
Live Well,

The Art And Science Of Djing In The Words Of DVJ Deepak

The crowd is vibing to the high music, songs that are high demand by the millennial crowds, they are tapping their feet to the fast beats that the DJ is throwing at them, and all of a sudden, the music is changed, and that too to a slow one, not romantic, not sad, but rather to a 90’s odd music that actually no one can vibe too! Well, as a club-goer, how would you react? You were dancing your heart out, and this sudden drop, makes you scream at the DJ, that he/she has successfully killed your vibe.

Live Well,

From Distress To De-stress: Look For The Early Signs Of Stress And Overcome Them

The human body is a fascinating masterpiece of brilliant genius. It gives us warnings at the first start of the trouble, and if we are willing to stop and listen, we can hear them for what they are- A Sign To Make Change And Calm Down. Even though our bodies go through a storm, and put up with a lot of our indiscipline there comes a point when enough is enough, and it starts showing signs of giving up. No one develops a disease overnight, so it’s logical enough to look for the early signs of body burnout and take steps towards correcting it.

stress mistakes
Live Well,

Mistakes That Should Be Avoided Under Stress

In today’s hectic life schedule, stress is something that we all deal with every minute. Some of us deal with it in a very calm and composed manner while some become their own worst enemies. Mostly we tend to end up making mistakes which we regret later at a point where we can’t turn them back into right once the wrong is already done. There is no reason why we make mistakes when we are stressed. It can be due to work pressure, family problems, psychological issues or anything else that is worrying our thoughts and in that mindset, we make mistakes unknowingly.

fight against COVID
Live Well,

Fight Covid 19- Be The Change And See The Change

Covid 19 is crippling our lives- social, mental, physical and emotional. A year ago, how many of us had imagined that we’d be ‘Grounded’ For REAL – disabled in a way- not meeting our dear ones, not going to school or office, doing total chores by ourselves, or stuck at a particular destination. While you dwell and brood on this, let’s pay gratitude to people in frontlines taking charge, taking all the risk with unending days away from family, so that our lives are secure.

Irie store
Live Well,

Irie Store: Your Eco-Friendly Store Of Sustainable Products

Climate change is real! It was just a few days ago on Earth Day, that the whole world stood in solidarity to press the issue of climate change and to promote ‘Save Earth’ culture. However, there are still only a few people who are actually thinking about the future of our planet and are doing things accordingly to support the cause of “Go Green” and “Save Earth”. And we believe that we should mention one such initiative that is keen on promoting organic farming and the uses of hemp in day-to-day life: Irie Store!

hunger hormones
Live Well,

War Of Hunger Hormones: Leptin And Ghrelin

If there was a hormone in your body whose chief job was to make you feel hungry, most of us probably wouldn’t be too keen on it. But if there was a hormone that decreased our appetites, we’d order buckets of it! Well, let me introduce you to some hormones that do just those things: the hunger hormones, leptin, and ghrelin. These two hormones signal our body ‘TO EAT OR NOT TO EAT’

fashion tips for bride
Live Well,

Must Know Bridal Fashion Tips For Brides-To-Be

Every girl waits eagerly for her wedding day when she will become a bride. She dreams to look like a princess in her enticing bridal wear. Starting from the Mehendi, there are a number of events organized during the wedding function. Every girl, who is the bride-to-be, wants to look special at each of these functions of the wedding ceremony. She plans to have a special dress for each event and look unique and beautiful at each function.

Mental Health
Live Well,

Mental Health: Know When To Seek Professional Help

Mental health comprises the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of an individual. Our mind is capable of processing and analysing our thoughts, feelings and emotions which arise due to our beliefs and our everyday experiences some of which may be good some which may be triggering. Our mental health is also a result of our environment and societal interactions.


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