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Let Your Locks Flutter In Summers Too!

let your locks flutter in summer

Hot sunny mornings, and humid messy evenings along with all the dry, salty aroma, are the greatest ordeals for hair. It’s no surprise why oily scalp, split ends and lifeless hair are usual complaints. So, here are some necessary hacks to keep your hair healthy, when the mercury hits triple-digit readings.

Let’s get started…

Chop off your dead ends!

Summer Is the coziest month when it comes to growing hair as braids and messy hairdo buns are the go-to fashion. However, it’s very important to chop off the split ends, as it’s better to take precautions than to bear consequences. Hot dry air dehydrates everything even the hairstreaks, as hair continues to grow, it splits the hair stem vandalizing them. So, grab an appointment and chop off the dead growing ends.

chop off the dead ends

Let the oil soak in!

Unlike any other part of your body, your hair needs to be secured from the harmful UV rays as well. It’s a myth to think that your hair will secure your scalp from harmful rays. So, to secure your scalp along with your hair it is very necessary to oil them well. In terms of oil, coconut oil is the best for summers, it is not only an antioxidant that flees away from the damaging rays it also acts as a natural SPF. You can even go ahead and use it on wet hair as a conditioner.

let the oil soak in

A big NO to frequent shampooing!

Unless and until you must wash off your oiled head, it’s not advisable to go in for frequent or daily shampooing. As shampoo makes the hair go even drier and washes away all the essential naturally produced oils from the scalp.

Rather it is recommended to try out a dry shampoo that helps with getting rid of scalp oil without dehydrating your silky locks. You can even get your hands on this simple DIY treatment to prevent oil secretion:

Blend about 2-3 tbsp of coconut water along with a few drops of lemon. Put this blend onto your scalp and massage well for about 10 mins before washing it off with cold water. For great outcomes use this once a week.

say no to frequent shampooing

Keep yourself hydrated!

Living things need water to survive. It is essential to keep yourself well hydrated during dry, scratchy summer days. The quality of water intake differs from person to person although, some fresh researchers show that about 8-ounce glasses of water is just not enough. So all you need to do is consume enough water to produce almost colorless urine. Feel the water slipping your throat as it is the best treatment for lifeless hairs.

Irrespective of which way and hacks you choose; it is imperative to take hold of your locks in summers. So captivate your mind with happy thoughts, develop a peaceful aroma in and around you, and do not forget to inspire others with your positivity.

Healthy hair, happy you! 

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