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Is Skincare The New Makeup?

All around the globe, women are ditching their makeup and embracing their natural look. From dewy, moisturized faces on the catwalks, to celebrity’ barely-there selfies, women are going barefaced…So, if no makeup, then how to look flawless? Well, what if we tell you that skincare can be the new makeup!?

Superb Skin Secrets,

Can we use Rose Water for Hair?

We all are aware of the beautiful benefits of rose water for our skin, in enhancing our mood and relieving headaches. But can we use rose water for hair? The answer is definitely YES. “Roses are not only used in making your hair bun look beautiful but also to nourish your hair, leaving you with thick and shiny hair.” So how exactly does rose water benefits your hair?

Slova Cosmetics
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Slova: An Integration of Skincare with Science!

You don’t have to live at the spa, or perform all home remedies, or change everything about your beauty routine in order to have healthy skin. Happy, excited, or stressed it’s your face that gives you away. Every stage of a woman’s life calls for a different skincare routine. The skincare routine changes with changes in hormonal balances. Luckily that is where Slova comes into the picture! A one-stop solution to achieve flawless and younger-looking skin. If you are tired of doing numerous DIY remedies and are looking for effective fixes, then search no more! Browse through our blog and tackle your skincare issues with our approach that we proudly call Slova!

Temporary Topical Fillers
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Botox In A Bottle: Best Topical Filler By Slova Cosmetics!

As you grow older, your face naturally begins creasing into your most common expressions. We hope that laugh lines would dominate to show off a lifetime of joy, but that is not the case in many people, like forehead wrinkles, stress, worry, and frown lines develop as well, and dominate most of the time. In your late 20’s if you find your face naturally settling into an expression of permanent anxiety, you may want to consider ways to “fight the frown/lines”.

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Best Homemade Lip Masks for Dry and Dehydrated Lips

Soft and pink lips are something we all desire, it is a sign that your lips are healthy and it also improves your appearance. Chapped and dry lips are undesirable and a concern to many. While you must keep a lip balm handy to heal dry lips, they may not work wonders in the long run. But with simple home remedies, you can easily create your own lip masks that can treat dry and chapped lips.

Asta Daily supplements
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The Best Anti-Aging Supplement which No One will Tell You About

At some point in time, we wish how great it would be if we can just simply turn back the clock and have glowing and radiant skin. But unfortunately, our anti-aging journey is not so simple. After all, there are multiple creams, masks, and serums that are filling the shelves and making consistent claims to reverse the visible signs of aging. To add to the confusion it is difficult to tell right away if these products are actually working.


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