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Face Sheet Masks: An Instant Hassle-free Skincare Routine!

face sheets

We often do not get time to sit, relax, and pamper our skin in this bustling life. Making DIYs out of kitchen ingredients is no doubt a very natural and inexpensive way to take care of your skin. But it often gets tedious and one might feel lazy sometimes.

And to deal with this, we are now being introduced to the wonders of face sheet masks and serums. All thanks to the growing Korean series and pop culture. (all Korean fans will agree with me!) Face sheet masks are an essential part of the Korean skincare routine and have now dominated the skincare trends all around the globe.

What is Face Sheet Mask?

Face sheets

They are thin pre-cut face-shaped masks, made of natural fibers like Non-woven fiber, Cotton, Cellulose, Hydrogel, Bio-cellulose, and Coconut pulp. These sheets are soaked in serums filled with essential nutrients to deal with different skincare issues. Face sheet masks are generally for one-time usage and are individually packaged. These fuss freeways make them super convenient, and easy to use.

How to use sheet masks?

  • Use a mild cleanser to wash off the dirt and impurities on your face.
  • Apply the sheet mask directly to your face. Start working your way down from the forehead so that the face sheet is properly placed on your face.
  • Leave it on your face for 20-30 minutes (as suggested on the packet).
  • Gently pat dry your face after taking the mask off. There is no need to wash your face afterward. Let the serum stay on your face.
  • Since this face sheet mask is for one-time use. You can apply the extra serum in the packet on your neck and hands.

You can use it daily or every alternate day or just before a special event. It is totally up to you. It works best when included in your night/pm skincare routine as the serum seeps into your skin overnight giving you the desired effect.

Keep in Mind!

  • Never Reuse the face sheet mask. You will be putting back all the impurities extracted from your skin back onto your face when you reuse it. So strictly avoid!
  • Never wait for it to dry to peel it off, since that may damage and tear at your skin.
Benefits of face sheets

Face Sheet Masks for You!

To Hydrate your skin – Choose a face sheet mask with Rice water, Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin, Propylene glycol, and Lecithin. These sheets will draw water into the outermost layer of your skin.  

For Dull skin – Go for sheet masks with Vitamin C, Kojic acid, and Azelaic acid.

For Sensitive skin – You can choose from different herbal ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green tea, etc.

To get rid of Acne-prone skin – Go for ingredients like Tea tree oil, Aloe Vera, Algae, and Salicylic acid. These face sheets will help in controlling oil secretion, clearing pores, and also prevents breakouts.

Anti-aging face sheet masks – Ingredients like Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic acid, Witch Hazel, Collagen, and Retinol work best. It not only reduces the several aging signs but also bequeaths radiant, glowing rejuvenated skin.

To Detoxify your Skin – Choose face sheets that contain Charcoal, Caffeine, Green tea, Citrus fruits, Aloe Vera. These ingredients help in removing the harmful toxins from your skin, as well as nourishes the skin giving smooth radiant skin.


Face sheets

Sheet masks will give you the perfect luxurious pampering feeling. And also, gives you and your skin a proper time to rest and rejuvenate. Buying face sheet masks will never be a bad investment for your skin. If you feel that using it every day can get expensive. You can do it 2-3 times a month and the rest of the days you can pamper your skin with either serums or DIYs. And the best time to use a face sheet is when you feel your skin is dehydrated and is feeling dull. There are many good branded face sheet masks available online and in your nearest clinics.

Now, let us just take 20 minutes out of our busy schedule to pamper our skin with some amazing face sheet masks!

Keep Your Skin & Yourself Hydrated!!

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