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Amazing Dedication & Transformation of a Formulation Scientist | Satya Mudunuri

Some weight loss transformations are worth sharing, just to inspire more and more people who are struggling to go through any transformation. One of our users has shared his journey from being overweight (82 kg) to a fit person (68 kg). He also shared his healthy eating routine giving us an insight into  his journey. Let’s hear his story on his transformation!

“As a child, I was always sufficiently active who spent most of the time outside the house. As I grew up, my inclination towards cricket, volleyball and badminton made me stay fit and in good shape until completion of my education.

Once I started my career, my engagement toward physical activities diminished to a considerable extent. I could only play once in a year, at the annual sports fest. The marriage made a tremendous change, I got lazy and addicted to food eventually, secured a position in the overweight category of BMI-28. Just two BMI units short of being obese.

Although I could sense the obnoxious change and felt my stamina was degrading, to take stairs to the 4th floor with so much struggle was something that  I never thought would happen to me.

The biggest driving force is my father who made me realize my unhealthy patterns and that I should take things seriously.

I spent some time deciding if I have to hit a gym or do it at home. And during my search for a good fitness regime, I made my choice of home workouts.

Initially, it was extremely exhausting and I felt that I could not make it. However, with a little determination and focus, I was getting positive results, which made me get back to a BMI-23. A total of 14 kg of weight loss.

And I continued to spend at least 40 min a day and 4 days a week to stay healthy and fit. My workout mostly consisted of intense cardio for 25 min and 15 min of resistance/weights.

For the past 4 years, I started participating in 5k and 10k runs and the Devil’s Circuit.

And food plays a crucial role in maintaining an ideal BMI and to stay fit.

My eating habits are sufficiently stringent with regular cheat meals.

 I take 3 major meals and 2 snack meals.


Breakfast would be any Indian dish without too much oil – banana and peanut butter sandwich (brown or multigrain Bread)/boiled eggs and brown bread toast -8 am

Any fruit -12 pm

For lunch, brown rice and regular curries and curd -2 pm

Another fruit or vegetable like either carrots or beetroot or unhealthy snack at times – 5pm

For dinner oats/sandwich before 8 pm.

A few cups of coffee and one green tea, most important 3 to 4 liters of water in a day at regular intervals.


Same routine with white rice.”

Any transformation requires dedication and it also makes you go through different difficulties in life. If you have your weight loss journey to share, do reach out to us. 

Story contributed by Satyanarayana Raju Mudunuri.


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