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Modern Technology! Electronic Stethoscope at Home – MyStetho

The current COVID-19 pandemic has hugely disrupted the work ethics of every working sector. Well, it is true to say that the most fragile sector to the COVID-19 virus is the healthcare sector. While they are committing everything in helping the affected patients to be COVID-free, they are at the maximum risk of getting in contact with it. 

A little about COVID-19 symptoms: Patients can develop a wide range of clinical signs and symptoms from cough and fever to severe respiratory failure. As coronavirus is affecting mainly the respiratory system, many measures are being taken to keep away from contracting the disease. 

The worldwide lockdown is forcing people to stay home as a protective measure against the deadly virus. But during these difficult times, we have some silver lining! Two medical enthusiasts, Pierre and Daniel, developed a home stethoscope, MyStetho that contributes to the diagnosis of novel coronaviruses at home. The electronic stethoscope is very simple to use. Let’s talk about it in detail. 

What is MyStetho?

Quoting the makers, “MyStetho is an electronic stethoscope and a mobile application for home use. It records the sounds of the lungs from home and shares them with clinicians for a quick examination. You can use your personal clinician or a clinician available on MyStetho mobile app.”

MyStetho medical

How does MyStetho work?

It is a very simple procedure that contains only three simple steps.

Record lung sound | Share with a clinician | Receive your analysis

In spite of going through the hectic process of fixing an appointment with the doctor, going to the hospital, waiting for your turn, and then going back again to get lab results, MyStetho helps you in saving all this time and performing the process at home at your ease. And since the COVID-19 pandemic, it is better to stay indoors than going to the hospital for check-ups. Using MyStetho, you can record the sound of lungs at home and then share it with the medical officials of your choice or even share them with the mobile app that MyStetho provides. You will receive the results with no hassle in no time. 

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How much does it cost: Well, given that health is our main priority in difficult times like these, this electronic stethoscope is very pocket friendly. It costs about 50$ each. 

To know more about it, visit the website – MyStetho


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