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Fitness dos and donts
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Fitness Signal Tips: Dos and Don’ts of Pre and Post Workout!

Exercise or working out is extremely vital to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Gym sessions and workout routines are much more than that. Working out isn’t the only important part of an exercise routine. What you do before and after is just as important. A perfect exercise routine is the combined effect of hygiene, nutrition, and other pre and post-workout guidelines. To make your fitness program efficient, you should ensure that you follow the right process.

Zucchini Salad
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Salad Recipes: How To Master Making Zucchini Salads!

It would be true to say that Zucchini is probably summer’s most underappreciated and underused vegetable (well, technically it’s a fruit). Zucchinis are nutritious, cheap, and abundant in all good qualities. They are firm enough to stand up to all cooking methods, tender enough to eat raw, easy to cook, and amenable to all kinds of flavors. Major bonus: Zucchinis maintain firmness and freshness longer than any of the more beloved summer vegetables.

Creativity to release stress
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Why Do We All Need A Little Bit Of Creativity In Our Life?

We all live in a ridiculously fast-paced world; surrounded by the utter chaos of work and technology available at the disposition of our fingertips; juggling with life trying to balance an intense lifestyle; that demands; rather forces people to stay updated; stay connected with everyone and everything all at once, while the time just passes by right in front of our eyes. Being over-productive, working long hours, diving deep into work, and neglecting one’s own well-being, health, or sleep are somewhat celebrated and considered a trait of intellectual superiority.

Temporary Topical Fillers
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Botox In A Bottle: Best Topical Filler By Slova Cosmetics!

As you grow older, your face naturally begins creasing into your most common expressions. We hope that laugh lines would dominate to show off a lifetime of joy, but that is not the case in many people, like forehead wrinkles, stress, worry, and frown lines develop as well, and dominate most of the time. In your late 20’s if you find your face naturally settling into an expression of permanent anxiety, you may want to consider ways to “fight the frown/lines”.

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20 Inspirational Quotes By Mega Star Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan! The name has so much weightage that it speaks of power, fame, dignity, and more! Also referred to as the Shahenshah of Bollywood, Sadi ka Mahanayak (Greatest actor of the century), Star of the Millennium, or Big B, Amitabh Bachchan has done over 200 movies across multiple languages. He might be widely known for his acting in Bollywood films, but he also is a film producer, television host, occasional playback singer, and a former politician.

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A Sustainable Dining Experience That Encompasses The Charm Of Alibaug: Paisley Experience

My love for food, I think, is hereditary. I haven’t come across a single family member who isn’t passionate about food, be it cooking or eating. When cooking for a family, as obsessed with food as ours, everyday food just doesn’t cut it. The process of cooking fascinated me. It’s like chemistry, but without the equations that I don’t understand to this day. I wanted to be a chef, until I completed my training at a hotel, and found myself pretty horrified by the lack of creativity and working conditions of the industry. Before I could graduate, an opportunity came knocking.

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2020’s Best Women-Centric Bollywood Movies

From playing decorative roles in movies to playing a strong force, women have come a long way. It was recently when the number of female-centric films in Bollywood grew consistently so much that we have dozens of such films in the last few years. The year 2020 broke the notion of men ruling Bollywood. 2020 was all about women in Hindi cinema.

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Celebrity Workout Secrets: Inside Story Of Celebs And Their Workout Regimen

Actors do a lot to preserve their pristine physique and looks. They control their diet, use different cosmetics to look more glamorous, but, more importantly, they believe in physical fitness, so they workout. These fitness buffs drip sweat & burn calories just to wow us with their chiseled physique on screen.

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New Year, New Predictions: 6 Foods Trends We’ll Be Seeing In 2021

It would be true to say that 2020 was something we all never expected. The year was overwhelming to all for us, and it taught us so many important things. It brought us hardships and changes and the concept of ‘new normal’. Our everyday habits and behaviors were dramatically shifted. It was a learning phase for us, where we had to understand fears, challenges, and figure our way from there.

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New Year Resolution In Your Mind? Get The Training Routine Right

It is often said that exercising is essential for a healthy mind and body and if you want to add some years to your life, you must exercise regularly. However cliché it may sound, it has proven to be true! It is no news that exercise has a lot of health benefits ranging from weight loss, reduced risk of stroke, depression, anxiety, to boosting energy, mental wellness and sleep quality. The bottom line is any exercise will do you good, but incorporating a mix of different training types is the best way to ensure all-round fitness and health.


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