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handcare tips
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5 Easy to Implement Handcare Tips for You!

We constantly focus on maintaining a youthful glow on our face and follow a lot of skincare routines. But we often miss out on one of the most used body parts. And that is our HAND. So what do you think about some simple handcare tips?
You know your hands have the power to make a very strong first impression be it with a handshake or friendly wave.

Why sunscreen is important
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Why Sunscreen Is Important?

Well, hello!! If you are not staying under a rock, you must have heard that you need sunscreen to protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. I do not think anyone wants to see their own skin wrinkly and burnt by the sun. A sunscreen of SPF 30 will block 97% of the sun’s rays. A higher SPF will block slightly more UV rays, but there is no sunscreen that will block 100% of the rays. Look for an SPF 30 at least but it is not proven that an SPF 40 or 50 will give you a little bit more protection than the 30.

First Menstruation
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First Menstruation: Early Signs, Food And Dietary Guidelines

The Period of transition from childhood to adulthood is called adolescence with accelerated physical, biochemical and emotional development. It is during this period that the final growth spurt occurs. There are many body changes that result due to the influence of hormones. The growth spurt of boys is slower than that of girls. Growth velocity is maximum for girls between 10 – 13 years. With the profound growth of adolescence, there are increased demands for energy, protein, minerals and vitamins.

sit stand desk
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Advantages Of Using A Sit-Stand Desk At Your Workplace

We live in a world that is growing vastly! We are too busy making it perfect that we often forget that we are sometimes risking our health and life for it. Sitting for almost a whole day can increase the risk of many health problems. To make a difference in this compact way of living and working, we have been introduced to a simple yet innovative desk design especially for corporate employees, a “sit-stand desk”.

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Heavy Makeup Or Bare Minimum? Simple Tips To Look Flawless

I dreamed of being a fashion designer, or a painter. I could not decide between the two and decided to change my path and become a social media marketer. Through promoting other brands, I came across how YouTube as a platform helps people so much and I thought let’s make a channel and start posting about makeup, skincare and fashion in general. I will say that my videos do need a long way to go I am just starting but I am being as authentic as I can be.

resume tips
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Make Your Resume Stand Out: Resume Tips For Job Aspirants!

Before you start applying for jobs in your relevant stream, it is very important for you to have a polished resume. Resumes or CVs reflect your overall background information. Hence, it’s necessary to make a resume that will leave a good impact on the recruiter or the interviewer. Here are few tips on how to build an eye-catching resume.

flawless complexion
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How To Look Flawless | Makeup and Non-Makeup Tips

Who wouldn’t want perfect skin so they can go at least one day leaving the house without wearing any makeup? Having a flawless complexion will give you the confidence to rock the bare look. We believe that the skin needs to breathe and you have to allow it to shine from inside rather than relying on chemicals too often. You will eventually realize that it is less about buying truckloads of products than maintaining a few things in your day-to-day life.

wellness trends
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From Experiential To Emotional: Wellness Trends That Will Shape This Year!

In 1891, Dr. Luther Gulick proposed a red triangle as the YMCA symbol. “YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) was established in 1844 in London as a Christian community to promote spiritual and healthy lifestyle.” In his words, the equal sides of the triangle stood for “man’s essential unity–body, mind, and spirit–each being a necessary and eternal part of man, being neither one alone but all three.” Health, wellness, or wellbeing? In our society, we often view health through the lens of physical health rather than physical, mental, and emotional health. And we often define good health as the absence of illness or disability.

Infinity platter
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Infinity Platter: Aashritha Explores The World Through Food 

Food is the great unifier that connects us across cultures and generations. Food is one of the most common grounds that people can easily connect to. We all have had those moments when we smelled some food that reminded us of our childhood, bringing a series of nostalgic moments, or we have also recreated a dish that we had in a different place or from a different culture that immediately brought us back to that place. Food can quite literally propel you to another time, another country, another culture without even leaving your dining table.

Coconut for skin
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Want A Healthy Youthful Skin? Include Coconut In Your Skincare Routine

One of the main secrets behind a well-maintained healthy skin is eating the right amount of healthful foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. And, you will be very happy to know that one such food is very cheap and adequately available at any time of the year. You must have obviously guessed it by now… It is Coconut, which is rich in many nutrients and minerals which is good not only for your overall health but also for clearer, healthier, and more youthful skin. Coconut has been used for centuries in Indian homes as well as all over the globe now. Whether you eat or drink it or massage your body and face with it, coconut will help you attain the skin you have been wanting to. So, Let’s get moving onto the benefits of coconut for your skin.

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How To Protect Your Skin From Damage That Occurs With Holi Colors

With March, comes the festival of colors: Holi! Widely celebrated in India, this festival not only brings your entire clan together but also engages everyone to have child-like fun with bright colors, splashes of water, and some very delicious sweets and thandai. It is that time of the year when we are bathed in a mishmash of colors, both dry and water mixed. While some run away from them, some joyfully play and get dirty. But, there is no escaping it. While traditionally it was celebrated with dry gulal and buckets of water, unfortunately, today it comes with splashes of synthetic pigments: lead oxide (black), copper sulfate (green), and mercury sulfide (red). All these are harmful to our skin and can invite skin allergies and adverse skin conditions.

Veganism: A hype of reality?
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Veganism: A Hype Or A Reality?

There is a prominent misconception that plant-based proteins are lacking in protein content. However, this is not so. There are a lot of plant sources that act as pretty good protein sources and also have amazing health benefits. Firstly let us understand what a protein is and how is it absorbed in our body. Protein is an essential component of the human body and is present in almost every part of the body, be it your muscles, hair, organs, enzymes, and even hormones. The body utilizes proteins to repair, build muscles, and synthesize hormones and enzymes.


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