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What Is “Foodstagram”, And Why Is It Trending?

Food photography is an essential part of the food industry and has become a movement in itself in just a few years. Food photography has come a long way. From being a professional food photographer to foodies who enjoy clicking what they are consuming, food photography and foodies sure have a fine line between them.  Instagrammers and photographers alike are taking a proud claim to the official label of ‘foodie’.

This trend has created an addition in English slang, incorporating the invention of trending buzzwords such as #foodstagram and #instafood, or glamorizing the visual representation of food and sexualizing it via the most used hashtag on social media: #foodporn.

“Foodstagram” has taken over Instagram feeds and is inspiring everyone to channel their inner food photographer.

According to the Brand Mentions report of the hashtag “Foodstagram” (Real-time tracking):

Follow the link for a real-time update. The data below is as of 22-March’2021. 

There are several types of foodstagrams out there: Endless combinations of lighting, angles, and filters. If you stick to these trends you’re definitely one step closer to hitting that ‘likes’ milestone you’ve always desired. 

1. Close up: This is the most basic type of foodstagram. When the rest of the table doesn’t seem very photogenic, or you want to draw attention to a particular dish, you can’t go wrong with a close-up of that delicious-looking food.

2. Bite taken out: Although this looks seemingly simple that ‘I just happened to take a bite, and decided to take a photo’ foodstagram, it really isn’t. It is all about the bite of choice: Too big, and it will look like you were about to finish your food. Too small, and makes it hard to believe that you actually plan on eating it at all. But with a perfect size bite, and your photo is sure to attract followers everywhere. 

3. Aerial view: This type of foodstagram is tough to master. The beauty of this shot is the variety that it brings in a single photo. You can capture the whole table setting in one photo. 

4. In front of the restaurant’s name: This might sound cheesy, but when done right, the restaurant’s name or logo shot can result in lots of Insta love. The catch is to balance the view of the food item and the restaurant’s name. You can get creative too by using logos, menu books, outdoor signs, and as well as wall decors throughout the restaurant. 

5. Food in the air: These foodstagrams have become so popular that there is a whole Instagram account, Food in the air, dedicated to sharing these kinds of masterpieces. Here’s how to take these foodstagram images: Take any drool-worthy food, hold it up in front of an appealing background and click the photo. 

We bet all these photos are making you hungry! If you’re a foodie who loves enjoying food as well as clicking them, then do give these #foodstagrams a shot! 


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