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Things That Make The Digital Fitness Experience Great

Digital fitness comprises digital devices, software, and apps used in the health and fitness sector. Things like wearable techs, fitness apps, digital fitness devices, and virtual fitness platforms all provide a digital fitness experience.

Digital fitness has uplifted the meaning of the home workout. If you are looking forward to exercising at home, owing to the global pandemic, there are a lot of great fitness apps that keep you active, some provide extra much-needed motivation, a community that cheers you up, online fitness challenges to keep your head in the game, a digital nudge to help you stay committed, access to live and personal training classes and much more…the options are limitless. 

The fitness industry of the UK is £4.9bn, which the market-research group Mintel predicts will grow to £5.3bn by 2023. 

So what is the aim of the fitness industry at the current time? “To bring the gym to you, in some cases with hi-tech wearables or equipment, or through guided workouts on your smartphones.”

Things that make the digital fitness experience great:

Live-streamed workout sessions: Live streaming of workout sessions has been growing immensely with a huge increase in at-home workouts. With your trainer cheering you up (live in your living room), can really motivate you to push harder. But the downside of this is that it is streamed at a particular time, so users are likely to push back.

Digital Fitness

On-demand recorded workout videos: On-demand fitness videos are pre-recorded video content. VOD (video on demand) is basically the opposite of live streaming. This allows users to watch videos at their convenient time and from any Internet-connected device. 

One on one virtual training: This gives members access to a limitless number of trainers virtually. And this kind of training can fit around your dairy and is not locked in a specific gym schedule. Although online group training is on the rise, many people still feel the need for individual training. 

Tech-enabled personalization: Hyper-personalization is the next big trend in fitness, according to the IHRSA report. Workouts can be completely tailored to an individual’s biomechanics. By infusing more technology into your gym experience, the ability to personalize the gyming services for you can go to the next level.

Digital Fitness

Online fitness challenge: There is a rise in online fitness challenges and a great number of fitness enthusiasts are taking part in them. They help to boost your motivation and engage with other fitness enthusiasts. They help you see where you stand in your group and also support and encourage other members. 

Online supportive environment: With your digital presence, you can create fitness communities. By this, you can support others on their individual fitness journey by creating a sense of belonging. Such communities also give a feeling of competition, which is ideal for those who want friendly competition between other fitness enthusiasts. 

Summing up

The future of digital fitness looks promising with all the advancements in the digital world. “Online Fitness Market size surpassed USD 5 billion in 2019 and is poised to grow at a CAGR of over 30% from 2020 to 2026.” It is getting easier to workout with your own convenience and comfort of your living room.


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