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Brown Rice Vs White Rice? Which One Is More Nutritious?

brown rice vs white rice

An ongoing debate of the 21st century, let’s keep it real & factual.

Brown rice vs white rice

‘A meal without rice is not a meal’, is a perfect Japanese saying on the food which is consumed by more than half of the world. But there are two types of rice, brown and white. I guess, human beings are racist and they even judge rice based on its color!! (Just joking though). Everybody nowadays is touting the health benefits of brown rice over its white counterpart. But is it actually better? Why does everyone keep on recommending brown rice? Let us find out!

Brown rice

White rice is essentially brown rice that has its outer brown layers scrapped, therefore is termed processed food. Rice, a staple in many Indian households, most prefer the taste of white rice over brown rice. But that’s about all the benefits out can get from it! Once scraped, it loses large quantities of dietary fibers, vitamins (vitamin B), minerals (manganese, iron, phosphorus), and essential fatty acids.

brown rice and white rice

Brown rice has several advantages over white rice:

  1. Reduces risk of increased blood sugar and diabetes.

Brown rice is rich in dietary fibers and minerals which help in regulating blood sugar levels thus reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes.  White rice, on the other hand, can aggravate Diabetes due to its high Glycemic Index (GI). (Brown rice approx. GI = 50 while white rice approx. GI= 89)

  1. Risk of heart disorders and other diseases.

Brown rice is rich in natural oils, lignans, and plant compounds which regulate cholesterol levels and ultimately prevent heart diseases.  In contrast, those consuming white rice were found to have a higher risk to suffer from heart-related disorders.

It also has selenium which is said to help minimize the risk of disorders such as cancer and arthritis. Its high antioxidant content helps the body boost immunity as well, given the COVID times.

  1. Weight Regulation

 Brown rice may also significantly reduce weight, BMI, and the circumference of waist and hips. There are studies with respect to brown rice that state that it reduced body weight in obese and overweight adults.

Nutrition facts comparison:

Nutritional facts about white rice and brown rice

Now that you have all the information, which one would you choose? Brown rice, obviously, provides better nutrition and health benefits but is considerably more expensive than its white counterpart so, consuming white rice once in a while would not be catastrophic.

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