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10 Mistakes People Make While On A Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss journey

Overeating healthy food

overeating healthy food

Consuming healthy foods is a good move, but understand that these also contain calories and are nutrient-dense, which means that eating it in excess will eventually add on the weight which you are trying to lose with effort and difficulty. Eat in moderation and follow a regimen.

Only focussing on scale weight

weight loss

Every person experiences weight fluctuations through the day of about 1 to 1.5 kgs.  So the number on the scale is influenced by several things such as fluid intake, the food is eaten, hormonal status. Or another possibility could be that the weight gain is muscle and not fat, which is the case when a person does workouts. inch loss is also an effective indicator of

Not eating enough fiber


Eating fiber reduces appetite and helps to eat less. It also

helps absorb fewer calories. soluble fiber reduced appetite and calorie intake much better. It also helps to absorb fewer calories from the food consumed

Skipping meals or eating when not hungry

skipping meals

Both are extreme behavior and are guilt-driven or emotion-driven. Skipping meals builds up more hunger in between the meal time causing weight gain whereas thirst or boredom drives you to eat even when it’s not required.

Omitting an entire food group


With fad diets doing rounds and dependency on the internet and social media for instant solutions many people blindly omit an entire food group.

This mistake gives rise to a nonsustainable diet complicated with deficiencies and weakness. Once the person is off it, weight gain bounces back even more causing a yoyo phenomenon of weight loss and weight gain.

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation

Leptin is the hormone that tells you to stop eating and ghrelin tells you to eat.

Imbalance due to stress causes you to eat more which accompanied by slowed metabolism adds weight.

Inadequate sleep also releases stress hormones which are horrible for your metabolism. Stress hormones increase the risk for illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, and obesity.

Choosing fat-free processed foods

Fat free food

Low-fat products are likely to make you feel hungrier and you end up overeating.

moreover, these products are loaded with sugar for taste enhancement. instead of low fat or diet foods, choose combinations of nutritious and minimally processed foods.

Not accounting for sugar in drinks and juices

Sugary drinks

It is a practice among a lot of people to give up sweetened beverages and go for fruit juices. this isn’t a smart move. Even 100% juice is loaded with sugar and lead to health and weight problems. So if you choose to swap.. go for homemade fruit juices without added sugar.

Consuming very low calories


THE biggest fallacy of dieters.. EAT LESS TO LOSE MORE. eating too little might help you in dropping a few pounds in the short term but over time it slows your metabolic rate. this is detrimental as it decreases the number of calories your body burns through the day.. causing it to pack on weight easily.

Exercise overestimation


Many people think that exercise supercharges their metabolism. Calories burnt may actually be less than they think. By overestimation, it means that if people have burned 300 cals, they estimated that they burned 800 cals and ended up eating more.

The blog is contributed by nutritionist Daniyah Irfan

Author Bio: Dt Daniyah Irfan, BSc Nutrition and PG diploma in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition from Mumbai University. Holistic Nutritionist,  mindful health care expert, Certified life coach, & Nutripreuner. Life member of Indian Dietetic Association Transformed the health of many and now on a mission to educate the new generation towards healthy eating habits for optimum physical and mental wellbeing. Message for everyone: Be ready to do whatever it takes to be a health warrior!



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