Live Well,

Let’s live a happy life – by choice!

Happiness is a state of mind we all have heard it once in a lifetime. Even when sad we can find out reasons to stay happy and strong because in a happy mind a calm soul resides. So how can we live a happy life ?

What could be the tips and tricks to relieve sadness behind are the questions you should ask to yourself.
If you have no idea let me help you today, following the same might help you in seeking happiness in all possible ways.

Be grateful for what you have. You always have something to be thankful for. Whenever you wake up in the morning smile for that it would make you happy and also make your day more fruitful which in turn will make you happy some more.

Be committed to your goals. When you work hard for your goals and are committed to fulfil them, you are more satisfied and happy in your life.

Follow your passion. Even if you are a millionaire, if you aren’t happy with what you do, it is just a waste. ‘Money can’t bring happiness.’

Have a backup plan. Sometimes even after working hard, we fail. For that purpose, we should always have a plan ‘B’ which will help you to not get into sadness loop.

Smile often. It is a proven fact that people who smile often have a higher happiness quotient. So smile because you are worth it.

Good sleep. Experts say that 7 8 hours sleep is mandatory for a healthy body. You should get a good sound sleep to feel good the very next day.


Take negative comments with positivity. Oh! You look bad today, if someone has said this to you, you might take it as ‘he wants me to look better.’ Just an example.

Use aromapathy. In a pot of warm water, add a few drops of essential oils, your mind soothes and relaxes.

Make a bucket list. Whether it’s a new book or scuba diving, planning a vacation or whatever gives you goosebumps, you will feel happiest when you think about it.

Listen to music. Any kind of music helps drowning of negative thoughts. You should listen to music everyday.

Being happy is a choice which isn’t something someone else can give. If you feel right, you are going to get whatever you wanted.
Positivity inculcates happiness. If you stay positive, you are definitely going to be happy. If you like my points on happiness, do let me know on my Facebook and Instagram handles.

This blog is contributed by Mansi Sharma.

Author Bio: Mansi Sharma is a post-graduate in biochemistry. She is a passionate blogger and loves to write inspirational stories and informative blogs. She has been researching a lot about people having anxiety and depression for quite some time now. If you like her blog post, do follow her Facebook handle ‘Healing Scars’ and her personal id: Mansi Sharma.


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