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What Defines Life Better, Success or Failure?

Everyone portrays their own kind of story. It can be of success or failure, love or betrayal, rain or shine, and wrong or right. These things can better describe their journey of life. Few of them easily express their kind while others wait for the perfect time or keep in their heart. Actually, life gives the opportunity to everyone equally; some grabs them while some miss them. This is a very bitter truth that all of us had made some mistakes at a glance in our life that made us realize that life is actually the way we are.

“You will reap what you sow in your life” better explain the scenario that you are likely to receive the same problems that you create for others. 

There are actually two different things, first is when you put all your efforts & you eventually get success. The second is also similar to the first one but unfortunately, you have to face failure.

What happens when you achieve success?


After putting in a lot of effort and been dedicated to your work, finally, you got success. And your success doesn’t include only your efforts; it also includes your parents who took in an extra mouth to feed when they didn’t have to. They taught you discipline, tough love, manners, respect & so much more that has helped you succeed in life. You shouldn’t forget their contribution to your journey. Most of the time, you actually forget those people who stood with you in your hard phase of life instead of adoring them the way they are. In the very beginning, it feels good; looks like rain in the desert. You feel pretty good thinking about, “Damn, what a life you have earned after a lot of hard work!” As now you started earning, so the thing you adore is money & the luxurious life which is actually something that everyone wants, but few of them adapts in it.

“Success is a journey, not a destination!” – Arthur Ashe

Now, you might be thinking, why so? As now you got success for which you had worked so hard. Then why success is not your destination? Success is a journey and not a destination because with each achieved goal you set another goal; it’s a never-ending process. It is often said that success occurs when preparation meets opportunity. Now, opportunities will undoubtedly present themselves with time, but how are you treating yourself through all of the time spent in preparation for accomplishing your goals in the meantime? Remember that feeling successful has much to do with how you personally define success. So ask yourself: How do you define success?

For example: Do you define success as having more in your life? Like more money, more recognition, and more material items. Do you define success according to other people’s standards? Or do you define success as feeling happy with whom you are? Are you happy with your choices and being grateful for all that you have in your life today?

What happens when you fail?


Now, after putting in a lot of effort and been dedicated, unfortunately, you fail. Is it the end of your life? Or is it your destination? Actually no! You faced failure just because you tried & somewhere your preparations didn’t meet the opportunity. If you hadn’t tried, maybe you will be not in another step up where actually you are from the initial.

“Success is 99% Failure”- Soichiro Honda

If you don’t fail, you don’t learn and if you don’t learn then you will never change. Life knocks us down every day but getting up or not depends on us. If you give up, then it is the end and if you get up, then you have a whole lot of opportunity to get anything in life. People see failure as a curse but instead, it is a blessing. If you fail, then you have the chance to go back and see that where did you made the mistake, and during analyzing that you may find more things to add or subtract to make your success even bigger. Once you become successful, you stop evolving because you stop experimenting but the one who fails can get back and start working again which gives them a better chance to evolve.

So never be afraid of failures. Learn from your every mistake and try to avoid them in your life and before you know you will reach the peak of success. All you need is hard work, patience, and the courage to face failures and stand back.

The blog is contributed by Aryan Verma.

Author Bio: This is Aryan Verma, born & raised in Muzaffarpur, Bihar pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Arts. For the past six years, he has been indulged in writing and trying to reach a wider audience.

He is an entrepreneur & runs his own start-up named “The Unseen Tales”, which provides a platform to all the sprouting writers who really want to pour their heart out & for the amazing readers who are seeking to read the best.

He feels writing is the best way to express himself through words.

He got “Author of the year 2020” title for his anthology “Silence in Chaos” by Ne8x and many more are coming on his way.

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