What Makes a Good Toy?

It’s almost the end of October and just in a few weeks will run around the shops or search the webs to find a great Christmas gift for our precious children.  Of course, the most widespread gift is a toy. But the range is so wide today that we don’t know what to buy.

Today we decided to help you solve this tough decision.  DoEcoLiving will try to explain the main criteria of a good toy.

Eco friendly toys
  • Positive emotions. Of course, the first and main criteria are that a good toy is the one that brings lots of joy and happiness to your child. He is the one to play so his emotions are in the first place.
  • Suitable for a child’s age. This matter is very significant. Sometimes parents don’t follow the instructions of the producer and buy toys not suitable for their kid’s age. As the result, even bad things can happen. For example, the parts are too little and the kid can swallow them. So please pay a big attention to this question.
  • Inspire active play.  Our kids are filled with energy so they need to lose it while the gameplay. They must push, pull, run, and build together with the toy. Actually, if the toy is brought and it doesn’t give a child active play then he will stop playing just in some half an hour and in 80% of cases won’t play it again. Good ideas are to push and pull toys, building sets, dollhouses, different cubes, etc. 
  • Well-made toy of high quality. We must choose only proven brands and good materials. If the toy is not sturdy then it will start breaking very fast and as a result, the child will start not playing, but destroy, At the same time you will need to spend money again to purchase a new toy. Good ideas of long-serving toys are wooden toys. They don’t break s easily s plastic ones. And let’s not forget that they are eco-friendly and safe for our children.
  • Can be used and played in many ways. Toys that are designed to be played within only one way inhibit imagination and creativity. The more ways your child will be able to play with the toy the more interesting and fascinating it will be for him. At the same, he will play it for a long time.
Eco friendly toys

Just follow our advice then your child for sure will have long-term emotions from playing with a good toy. Because it’s easy to give emotion once while giving a gift, but the main purpose is to organize an exciting play for your child that will last long! The great choice of toys you can check out in our eco-friendly catalog of toys.

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