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Wadada: A Hyperlocal Platform for Exotic Fruits, Veggies, and Daily Essentials


Healthy eating. Mindful eating. Introduction of fruits and vegetables. There was a spike in these food trends as soon as the pandemic hit. Ditching the regular consumption of processed foods, people started inclining more towards natural and healthy foods. 

More and more people are getting conscious of how they are treating nature and their own bodies: Hence the rise in sustainable and natural foods. 

When it comes to healthy eating, everything comes down to the ingredients in it and where they are coming from. With such a great demand for natural foods and sustainable products, which source should you trust?

We introduce you to “Wadada”!

Officially established in 2021, Wadada is a hyperlocal platform where you can buy, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, and other daily essentials. 

In Amharic language, Wadada means Love. Given their love and passion for their work, Wadada is surely the apt name. 

What does Wadada offer?

Apart from fruits, vegetables, and leafy vegetables, they also have natural cold-pressed juices, Himalayan wild honey, Lakadong turmeric, herbal teas, varieties of millets. These are just a few examples of the range of daily essentials they offer. 

Paint a picture…

You are strolling through the supermarket’s perishable produce aisle, and you are getting impressed by the variety of fruits at your fingertips. But in reality, these fruits are just a small sample of the wide variety of delicious, healthy, and exotic fruits that exist. 

When you hear the word ‘fruits’, your mind ranges it: mangoes, bananas, oranges, apples, grapes. For some, it might even be melons, kiwis, or avocadoes. It might come as a surprise to you that there are a wide variety of exotic fruits that fail to reach the fruit section of our fridges, just because we have no to very little knowledge about them, and where you find them. 

Well, Wadada is your solution for that! Wadada has an exciting range of exotic fruits: Blueberry, cherry, strawberry, mulberry, red globe grapes (China), Ecuador yellow dragon fruit, zespri kiwis (Italy), grapefruit (South Africa), stemilt red apple (Washington), and many more.

One more reason to consider Wadada? 

They take the grading of items very seriously. They convert the spoilt produce into compost in their own premises, which helps in growing the produce. Hence, they ensure there is absolutely zero wastage of the products.

So if you’d like to try some exotic fruits and want the convenience of them being delivered to your door within days then do give Wadada a try! You will find many more familiar and less well-known exotic fruit, vegetables, and daily essentials in their range.

Check out their website for exciting products.


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