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Cardio & Fat loss, Where are We Going WRONG!

The Scientific evidence behind post-workout Cardiovascular Training. I am an individual who does combination workout sessions, combining a run and a gym session as a part of my daily regimen. So this intense workout is supposed to help me out with extra bulk and strength, right? Nope, it won’t necessarily! This workout will have reduced effects in terms of muscle gains and strength in general. This is due to a phenomenon called the interference effect.

Cardio and fat loss
summer skincare
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Get Ready for the Summer With Me!

With the spring season blooming in, the weather is starting to get a little warmer (a relief from the freezing temperature). The trees are growing fresh green leaves, flowers are blooming. Everywhere you look you see a new beginning. And as we begin our March towards the March…It is also the time to bring front our summer clothes and also uncomplicate our skincare routine to get ourselves ready for the summer.

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BROWN SUGAR….Unexplored Sugar!

Brown sugar is being categorized as the new fad over regular sugar, especially by the younger generation. However, there is not much difference between white and brown sugar. The majority of the youth consider brown items to be healthier than white ones. For example, brown bread. Undoubtedly, it is rich in minerals and vitamins whereas, white bread has added sugars, preservatives and is not completely absorbed by our body.

Brown sugar
Turmeric benefits
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10 Turmeric Benefits for Your Health Which will Amaze You!!

We all have heard our grandmothers saying apply Turmeric to your wounds, it will heal faster… Drink Turmeric milk it will kill the bad bacteria in your body… Though saying NO many times for turmeric milk, we were forced to drink it anyhow. But have you ever wondered why they used to force us? We all have heard it’s good for health, but how??

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Whey or Casein: What to choose?

When you consider weight loss, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? A protein-load analysis. Doesn’t it appear that way? While attempting to lose weight, we all attempt to boost our protein intake.

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A Daily Dose of Caffeine to Boost your Health!

In this pandemic, you all must have tried your hands on the social media famous, Dalgona Coffee! I did too. Though while making Dalgona coffee my hands use to pain a lot. But a sip of it used to make me feel alright!! I have tried different recipes to enjoy my daily dose of caffeine. I even tried black coffee, which I used to hate. But now my morning doesn’t start without a cup of black coffee. A cup of Hot Black Coffee (without any additives) has its own benefits… Stay tuned to know more!


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