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Top 5 Questions About Collagen Answered!


We live in a world of youth-obsessed culture. As internet amps up the pressure of looking forever young, both men & women opt many invasive procedures like Botox, chemical peels, laser treatments and some even go under knife to flaunt youthful appearance. But is that even possible? if it’s! Is there any holistic approach? In this age-old quest for beauty, the world came across a solution(?) for the anti-aging bandwagon – Collagen!

Collagen is the new buzzword. So, what’s it all about?

Collagen – The powerhouse of anti-aging! It’s a protein found in human body, which makes connective tissue and is responsible to maintain elasticity of skin & healthy joints. On a whole, human body has 22 types of collagen, but 80% of it covers Type I, II, & III. Skin, bones, tendons & ligaments are the hub for type I & III, whereas type II collagen is found in joint cartilage.

Does my body produce collagen?!

Collagen is a protein, you’re born with it. It contributes around 30% of the total body protein. But as we age, collagen production starts depleting thus giving a way for wrinkles, fine lines & joint pains. Aging causes collagen lose elasticity. This makes skin saggy & wrinkled and joints become more susceptible to injury. Fortunately, human body has the capacity to make its own collagen when provided with necessary nutrients. Amino Acids are building blocks of collagen & vitamin C can build an entire castle of amino acids. So, include foods rich in Vitamin C in your diet. Make sure you follow collagen rich diet religiously to see the desired changes.

From where can I get necessary collagen?

Many beauty products have collagen, but the effectiveness of it is debatable. The best way to reap its benefits is to take it orally. Yes, you heard right. You need to eat collagen! But from where? There are tons of brands that sell collagen as powder. You can add it in anything you eat. Also, you can consume collagen as oral supplements. All you need to do is to find the best brand.

How to use collagen supplements?

Collagen is a versatile supplement. You can take consume it as pills or go for powder. Powdered collagen is tasteless and can be mixed in any of your favorite beverages or you can sprinkle on your food. You can start consuming 20 gm of collagen each day and increase or decrease quantity if necessary. Athletes prefer to have up to 40 gm of collagen in their diet plan. If you’re not sure how much to consume, you can always consult a dietitian. And for the noticing the difference, you need to wait for a couple of months while consuming it regularly.

How does collagen benefit me?

Collagen benefits are beyond skin deep. Even though human body generates collagen throughout lifetime, it slows down as we age. Consuming collagen supplements orally or adding collagen powder in your food will support its natural production. Collagen gives skin its structure and that healthy- plump look. Studies found that replenishing collagen in body reduces wrinkles, fine lines & promotes youthful appearance. Apart from skin, collagen contributes healthy hair & nail growth. Studies support that consumption of collagen can reduce hair thinning & brittle nails. Collagen benefits doesn’t end there. It helps in strengthening bone and reduces joint pains. Taking collagen supplements can keep knee and joint pains at bay.

So, here it’s! Answers for most frequently asked questions on collagen. Collagen supplements support both skin & body health. If you’ve any medical problems, we highly recommend you to consider approaching a dietitian or a qualified practitioner for proper guidance.


This content, including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. Onthebuzz does not claim responsibility for this information.

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