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The Himalayan Grown Sea Buckthorn Oil – History, Benefits & Uses

Sea Buckthorn – the cheerful orange berries often referred as the holy fruit of himalayas are packed with nutrients that feeds our skin. Grown in Central Asia, China, Tibet & Europe, Sea-Buckthorn is the most common species in the hippophae family. These berries are loaded with vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, organic acids and B-complex group & are proved beneficial both for skin & health.


  • Rich in Palmitoleic Acid (Omega-7 Fatty acids):

Palmitoleic acid, which is found in skin lipids has the capacity of epidermal regeneration. It can reduce scars & soothes skin burns.

  • Loaded with Linolenic Acid (Omega-3) & Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) (Omega-6):

GLA is vital in skin health. It can improve blood circulation & supplies ample oxygen to the skin, thus promoting skin nourishment.

If your skin is deprived of this rare omega-6 acid, it tends to get drier & loses elasticity, which can cause early-aging.

Linolenic Acid plays a significant role in skin firming. It protects skin from water loss & has the capacity to unblock pores & reduce the appearance of blackheads & Acne.

  • Abundant in Vitamin A, C, E, B Complex:

Found as carotenoids in Sea Buckthorn oil, Vitamin A fights against wrinkles & promotes skin regeneration.

Vitamin C is abundant (15X higher than in oranges) in Sea Buckthorn berries. They have an anti-oxidative effect & protects your skin from harmful UV radiation.

Moreover, vitamin C in Sea Buckthorn oil promotes brighter & even skin tone.

Vitamin E is the form of tocopherols; Vitamin P is found as flavonoids, both work together in strengthening the walls of capillary blood vessels.


  • Sea buckthorn oil or the extract of the berries have anti-inflammatory properties & are used in the treatment of gastric ulcers.
  • It may increase immunity & can aid in fighting infections. Sea Buckthorn oil improves blood circulation and heart function.
  • Sea Buckthorn extracts have the capacity to promote metabolism, improve nervous system function & reduce the risk of malignant cancers.
  • May reduce symptoms of menopause as Sea buckthorn oil can reduce vaginal drying & is noted as an effective alternative to estrogen.
  • Animal studies suggest that sea buckthorn oil has an antidepressant effect. However, there no enough information on human study.
  • Vitamin E, healthy fats, carotenoids present in sea buckthorn oil contributes towards healthy liver.
  • Studies show that flavonoid rich Sea buckthorn oil may fight against cancer cells. However, the effect can be milder than chemotherapy.
  • One animal study suggests that, sea buckthorn oil can increase insulin secretion, & may help reduce blood sugar levels.


  • Sea Buckthorn oil is a strong antioxidant. It fights ageing, supports wound healing, reduces scars and discolorations.
  • The powerful actives in this oil have the capacity to rebuild skin cells and can treat skin allergies, sunburns & promotes firmer looking skin.
  • As a rich source of vitamin C, Sea Buckthorn oil is a helps in reducing acne, improving skin elasticity & limits excessive water loss.
  • It can also protect your skin against harmful radiation UV rays & can regenerate skin structure and has a visible anti-ageing effect.


Sea buckthorn oil or the fruit extract is loaded with many vitamins, mineral and healthy fatty acids. It is used as a popular alternative to many ailments. When used as a cosmetic, sea buckthorn oil, can deliver anti-aging effect, reduces acne & can promote skin regeneration.

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