COCOPLUS is one of the most consumable forms of MCT’s from Coconut Oil.

We no longer have time to apply or consume coconut oil in ways we did before, COCOPLUS capsules are therefore the easiest ways to consume the Medium Chain Triglycerides present in Coconut oil, hassle free and in the right proportion.

COCOPLUS is a Nutraceutical, in the form of Liquid filled Vegetarian capsule containing 500 mg Virgin Coconut Oil rich in MCTs which do have many health benefits.

Our Coconut Oil is extracted directly from fresh coconut by Cold Process and differs from refined coconut oil in its processing. This method of production does not subject the oil to refining thus maintaining the nutrient value in its natural form also called as Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO).

COCOPLUS contains Caprylic, Capric and Lauric acid and others which when ingested, readily burns in the body and is converted to energy in the liver and not metabolized through the intestinal walls like other fats. Thus, MCTs do not leave the fatty deposits in the tissues.

MCTs are known for its Nutritional and Medical Benefits and are recognized as a multipurpose nutrition supplement.

The Vegetarian capsules used in the production disintegrate much faster as compared to Soft gels and are not harmful to stomach.


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