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Yes, I am a housewife, a mother, a teacher, and a working professional! Who says women can’t have it all!!

Many great faces come to our mind when we talk about women empowerment. While some are still fighting the battle against patriarchy, there are others raised within an environment where men and women are seen equal.

Quoting Ruth Bader Ginsburg “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made”. Rightly so, today, women are leading from the front in every sector but somewhere they are still unaware of how powerful they can be. Instead of squeezing themselves in the glass slippers, women are now shattering the glass ceilings.

With a celebration of womanhood, here we present you with an incredible story of the very confident, ambitious, and ever-alluring Sasi Eyunni. Read on and bless the women around you!

How do you manage HOME? And for a working woman like yourself, what has been the impact of the pandemic and the lockdown?

Luckily for me, all of us at home are adults. Hence it is not difficult to manage work and home. The lockdown has led to extended working hours but it has also given me an opportunity to spend time at home; something that I cherish. My family is my best support system. We are a close-knit extended family. Each one of us has our strengths which we ride on and weaknesses which we try to help each other override. It works well for us. Lucky meeee!

Sasi Eyunni

From the little we got to hear from your children, they love food prepared by you. How fond are you of this habit?

Cooking is love made edible and is a form of altruism. My grandmother once told me that the kitchen binds the family together. It might sound old fashioned to many but I strongly believe in this. The best thing about my family is that they appreciate everything that is placed on the table. They are the least fussy and enjoy anything that I cook. That encourages me to cook for them and try out various recipes as well. Can’t bet if I was such a good lad! (Smiles)

Sasi Eyunni

Gardening simply does not allow one to be mentally old, is that also the reason why you look gorgeous hamesha?

Thanks for the compliment. Most of my plants are local, flowering varieties that are easy to grow. Thanks to the lockdown, I have started growing some vegetables too. The parameters remain the same; Local and hence, largely pest resistant. It was a conscious choice to ensure that they thrive easily so that I enjoy the benefits of gardening along with the pleasure of seeing the plants bloom. Nature is something I thrive in.  My day begins with Pranayama in my garden. That sets the tone for the rest of the day. I am not sure if I look gorgeous but I definitely try to be happy. Being happy is a conscious choice that I make. 

Sasi Eyunni

Mr. Sasi seems to be very cheering for your admiration for antique furniture collection. What makes you more in tune with antiques?

There is a certain story that I connect with every antique piece of furniture that I buy. It is this connection that makes me collect antique furniture. I love the fact that every old piece of furniture comes with a history. The previous owners, the journey to the antique store, and the craftsmanship of the furniture …….everything about it is exciting to me.

Sasi Eyunni

Two things your colleagues have to say about you – ‘An epitome of grace’ and someone who they ‘can count on’. As a working parent, what kind of support do you receive from your workplace?

Wow! Thank you for letting me know what my colleagues think of me. It is humbling.

Until I joined Freyr, I was a freelancer where I decided my schedule of work. Freyr is the first full-time assignment that I took up. To be honest, I was very apprehensive, but I must confess that Freyr has been more than supportive in everything that I do. Their support has been unconditional and wholehearted. They have allowed me to work at my pace; no questions asked.

Sasi Eyunni

The biggest deprivation about living in poverty, is ignorance. Tell us about your passion for teaching the underprivileged.

I love working with them for a selfish reason. They teach me more than I teach them. If I were to define the two most enriching experiences in my life, one would be raising my children and the other is working in a developmental sector. I teach language and life skills to teenage child laborers.The infinite resilience and positivity in these teenagers is something that inspires me.This experience has reinforced my belief that the simplest things give us the greatest happiness. It also makes me think about the skills and opportunities that we take for granted. Working in this sector has made me more content and grateful for everything that I have. I begin every morning by telling myself that I am going to have a wonderful day. I end every day by thanking the universe for everything that I have. It helps me put things in perspective and fuels my passion for continuing to work with them.

We cannot have equality in the office until we have equality at home. As a working woman, do you expect and encourage your daughter to lead and contribute?

I am very fortunate that I grew up in a home where my brother and I are equals. In fact, to this day, my brother complains that I always got and continue to get more attention than him. I have been married for 30 years, and my husband believes that women are more capable than men. My son endorses this view too. My daughters have grown up around evolved men and hence I never had to tell them anything. They make us very proud; both professionally and personally. The only advice I have given them is “Don’t give anyone the power to hurt you or your self- esteem.”

Sasi Eyunni

What’s something in your house that for some reason only a mom’s eyes can see? (pun intended)

The obvious ones include the unfolded clothes, the messy kitchen, etc. Being sensitive to the moods of the family members is something that is instinctively felt (seen; though unseen) by all moms, and I am no different. 

About Sasi: “A dreamer, a firm believer in the goodness of people, supremely content, goes with the flow……………..some words that my friends and family use to describe me. I personally think that being a mom describes me the best.  Among the many roles I play, playing the role of a mom is my favorite. Every other role I play pales in comparison.” 

This year, on September 6th, Sasi completed four years at Freyr.  Initially hired as a language QC expert in the Presales team, she  now works with the recently formed L&D team as Freyr’s learning partner. 

Prior to joining Freyr, Sasi was a freelancer who worked with corporates and the US Department of State in designing and imparting language training modules.

Freyrians who joined us before the lockdown will identify her as someone who would help organize the fun events in Freyr every month, the quarterly CoE overview sessions, and the annual Festronix sports and cultural events.


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