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7 Winter Fruits For Immunity That You Must Stock Up This Season

Temperature goes low and days get shorter: Winter is not coming…it is already here!

It is that time of the year when we are excited to showcase our winter fashion! Jackets, sweaters, thermal wears, fur socks, and gloves are staring at us from our closet which we can finally take out to make the most use of them this winter.

With winter, comes an array of fresh fruits. When you visit the grocery stores, you can feel the vibrant colors of the fruits staring back at you.

One thing that we are constantly emphasizing on is ‘health’ during these difficult times. And fortunately, this season comes with a bunch of yummy and healthy fruits that can boost our immunity during winter. But with so many seasonal fruits you need to know which ones are the most beneficial for your health.

Winter fruits that maintain your health in the cold season:

Grapefruits: Juicy, sweet, and delicious grapefruit is loaded with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system and bones, as well as lowering blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It is also rich in vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants.


Pears: Pears are hit among both kids and adults. They are enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants like vitamin E and C. It also contains dietary fiber. Fiber is known to assist in digestion, thus they are good for our gut. They also lower cholesterol and help in weight loss. If you are looking for a way to lose the holiday pounds, add this winter fruit to your diet. 


Pomegranates: Pomegranates are again a healthy choice of fruit to eat in the winter season. They have a sheer number of health benefits ranging from protection against heart disease, cancer, and they protect our brain from memory loss. Moreover, they thin our blood which is good for our BP,  heart, weight loss, and prevent skin damage. Also, the juice of pomegranates is used in curing the inflammation of joints.


Oranges: This citrus fruit should be your go-to snack food during winters. Oranges are not entirely winter-crops, they are always available and are always a good option. Most of us are aware that oranges are a great source of Vitamin C, but did you know that oranges contain phytochemicals that help protect against cancer and fight kidney disease!


Kiwis: It is obvious that oranges are known for their vitamin C content and bananas for their potassium content, but kiwis can beat them both in these categories. Also loaded with vitamin E, it will help you during cold, cough, flu, and fever. You can either eat them separately or throw them with other winter fruits to blend and make a healthy smoothie. 


Guava: Who doesn’t love guavas? Crunchy, sweet, and yummy, guavas are loaded with vitamin C and a range of antioxidants that fight dangerous free radicals and prevent cell damage. They are also rich in fiber, making them excellent for our heart and blood sugar level. 


Apples: Stating the very popular proverb, “an apple a day, keeps the doctors away”. And this holds true when you think about the benefits you derive from consuming an apple. Apples are great for our nervous system, as the antioxidants in them prevent cellular death in the neurons, which in turn enhances the performances of the nervous system. Apples can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, thrombotic stroke, and diabetes. 


Summing up

The key, with any diet, is to be well-balanced. Try to prepare a fruit salad daily and try to place as many winter fruits as you can to get the benefits of all of them.

Remember that all seasonal fruits cater to the needs of that particular season. For example, the benefits of oranges are more suitable for winters than they are for summers. 

You can also include dates in your diet, as they keep your body warm and they contain a lot of calcium and iron which is great for those that are facing anemia or have brittle bones.

Keep your immune system stronger during winters with these above mentioned fruits.


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