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What Is The Hype Around ‘Prejuvenation’ In The Skincare Industry?


When it comes to anti-aging cosmetic treatments, it seems like “rejuvenation” is the latest buzzword. After all, there are tons of creams, serums, and exfoliants out there designed to rejuvenate and renew your complexion. But what if you don’t want to wait for your skin to start showing the signs of aging to start your anti-aging skincare regimen? 

For years we’ve watched the celebrities going through their weekly top-ups of Botox, fillers, and whatever other treatments they’re keen on, and we know that they’re certainly not of a much older age where they should need such things, so why do they do it?

All in the name of prejuvenation, that’s why!

Nowadays, young adults are taking preventative steps to avoid the signs of skin aging by seeking cosmetic enhancements early in life. Whereas in the recent past, women would often wait until their mid-30s to pursue aesthetic treatments. But now, even teenage girls are indulging in non-invasive beauty practices.

You’ve heard of the word ‘rejuvenation’, but now it’s time to sit up and take notice of prejuvenation!

Difference between rejuvenation and prejuvenation

While rejuvenation means stopping the ticking clock of aging once it’s already started prejuvenation talked about putting off the clock for as long as possible. Means? Delaying skin aging. Rejuvenation focuses more on recovery once there are visible signs of skin aging, while on the other hand, prejuvenation focuses on delaying aging symptoms for as long as possible.

What is prejuvenation?


Based on the idea of ‘Prevention is better than cure’, prejuvenation works on the idea that it is easier to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging rather than treat them later in life. Think of it as maintenance for your skin. Most women start losing their bone density at an age of 25 years and continue to lose more as they age. Thus making way for possible wrinkles here and there. By using cosmetic treatments to relax muscles at an early age, it’ll prevent deep wrinkles from setting in later.

Prejuvenation is based on the idea of boosting the production of collagen, helping to make the skin more elastic, and giving it that youthful plump look for longer than you would expect. Overall, people who undergo prejuvenation techniques look far younger than their actual age.

What treatments come in prejuvenation?


Basically, anything that helps to keep your skin younger is under the category of prejuvenation. And by this, we mean things like fillers, Botox, and Ultherapy, etc. These are all techniques that help to boost the production of collagen and elastin, the two main pillars of younger-looking skin.

But if you dread the injectables and other medical treatments, you can surely opt for topical creams and serums as a part of your prejuvenation treatment. 
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