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The Art And Science Of Djing In The Words Of DVJ Deepak

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The crowd is vibing to the high music, songs that are high demand by the millennial crowds, they are tapping their feet to the fast beats that the DJ is throwing at them, and all of a sudden, the music is changed, and that too to a slow one, not romantic, not sad, but rather to a 90’s odd music that actually no one can vibe too! Well, as a club-goer, how would you react? You were dancing your heart out, and this sudden drop, makes you scream at the DJ, that he/she has successfully killed your vibe.

This happens almost all the time and is the case with all those DJs who fail to understand the crowd, their music taste, and need. 

DJing: Something which was once a thing of western culture gradually managed to find its space in India too. And in modern life, the nightlife is often synonymous with ‘FUN’. It’s the weekend, and you don’t want to sit in your house, in your PJs watching movies and chilling. Now what millennials want is to go out, have fun, dance, drink, and enjoy the nightlife that the city has to offer. 

Now that DJing has become a thing of ‘looking cool’, the already established and renowned DJs are feeling it hard to see how DJing as an industry has changed too much in the course of a few years. 

In the words of a very well-known international DJ, DVJ Deepak, “DJs of the current generation are focused more on their love for music than understanding their crowd.

Knowing the basics about DJing and your knowledge of music is not enough for you to make your name in the crowd. You have to be more than that.” Deepak suggests four basic aspects that a DJ should know and focus on:

  • Understanding the crowd
  • Reading the crowd
  • Keeping the momentum
  • Understanding the technicality of DJing

He stresses the fact that for a DJ it is about identifying your ‘voice’ that comes through sheer experience of listening to music in different situations. In the terms of copying, learning, and creating, it has become quite difficult to become original today, especially in terms of producing/mixing music. A DJ has to be immensely creative and adapt to play impromptu whenever needed. Because you can never get the same crowd and not all the time the same playlists will work for you. 

“When you start out (DJing), the challenge is to keep proving yourself, if you don’t, you’ll be forgotten pretty quickly.”

It was DJ Suketu who had a great impact on Deepak in shaping his career as an artist. His interest and love in the technicality of DJing pushed him further deep in the DJing industry. You will be surprised if we tell you that is a complete teetotaler and probably one of the very few in the happening party that he DJs at. With an experience of 10 odd years in DJing, Deepak with all his love towards music shares the songs that according to him bring life to any party. These are the songs that he loves to play and considers them as evergreen.

Let’s hear it from him:

Author Bio: Dvj Deepak who goes by the stage name “optical illusion”. A native of Hyderabad (India) is an International DJ & Visual Jockey (VJ), Video Editor, Video DJ always gave life to the Parties & Events with his Trademark Performance. Being a Bachelor Degree Holder from Electronics & Communication Engineering Stream, his endless Self-Motivation & Tremendous efforts have made his place remarkable in the Musical Arena of Hyderabad. His love of music & extreme dedication has helped him get trained by himself. The endlessly growing reputation of DVJ Deepak in the Industry since 2002 embosses the passion he has in his work.

DVJ Deepak was also an International Resident DJ for Club It’s Mirchi & Club Rain (The Russian Club & Lounge) located within Ramee Royal Hotel – Dubai, being the only DJ from Hyderabad doing a Resident DJ’ing in Dubai.





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