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When it comes to skincare, men have kept it simple for ages. However counting the changing times and with environmental stress showing its impact, it’s the best time for men to evaluate & enhance their basic skincare routine. Like many, if you’re wondering where to start, you’re at the right place. Read further – you’ll not be disappointed!

Is Men’s Skin Actually Different From Women’s Skin?

Yes! Besides the facial hair there are many structural differences between men & women’s skin. So, what are the major differences?

Men Produce 10x More Testosterone Than Women

Male hormones as Androgens, in particular testosterone, accounts for thicker skin in men. Androgen simulation causes skin thickness & it’s said that men’s skin is 25x thicker than women’s skin.

Androgens drive hair growth & the same hormones cause hair loss & shrink hair follicles, that results in male pattern baldness. Adding to these testosterone promotes thicker facial hair in men.

Men’s Skin Is Oilier Than Women

Men have larger oil glands than women & the sebaceous glands are more receptive to andronges, thus making their skin segregate more oil.

In women, estrogen, the sex hormone makes sebum thinner & skin congestion is comparatively less.

But, for men, sebum is thicker, which leads to congested skin, the main cause of blackheads and acne. Moreover, in some men excessive alcohol production leads to enlarged pores that results in long-lasting acne.

Whose Is More Dewier Skin?

Men usually sweat more than women and they have more lactic acid, which accounts for lower pH levels.

Due to high levels of sweating, men have higher body temperatures than women, but are more hydrated, all thanks to excess oil production.

Both lactic acid in sweat & oil secretion act as natural humectants that keep skin cells supple.

Are Women Aging Faster Than Men?

Both men and women start losing collagen after they hit their thirties. Within the first five years of menopause, this condition gets exponentially escalated in women, thus leading to faster skin aging.

However, in men, regardless of the age, collagen and elastin production doesn’t drop significantly & testosterone creates thicker skin, which gives a super supple skin (You guys need to thank these hormones harder). It is said that a woman’s skin is 15 years older than a man’s.

But, you know, men being less sun-savvy the skin age-difference is not much apparent. Despite their thicker skin and due to more sun exposure and less interest in skincare, men are more prone to skin cancer. This is why men need to invest a good amount of time in skincare every day & protect what you’ve got!

Everyday Skincare For Men

Desire to have a great skin is universal and we just saw how men’s skin is different from women’s. This means, men need to treat their skin accordingly and they need to stop pinching lotions or serums from everywhere and stick to a functional skincare routine.

Men’s skin is thicker and regular shaving provides gentle exfoliation and with naturally high levels of collagen (such lucky devils!), men’s skin demands to be treated differently. If you’re not following a regular skincare routine, it’s time to talk. Learn how to combat those pesky pimples, shiny skin and large pores. Read further!

Here’s how you need to start or brush up as there’s always something new to add in the regimen.

Simple Skincare Routine For Men

Every good thing takes time, so does skincare. Consistency is important with skincare and it can be daunting, if you don’t know what to do or how to use. This is why we highlighted three important steps, which men usually tend to ignore.

Men has got one thing right – not washing the face immediately after waking up. Yep, if you have washed your face before going to bed, you can happily skip the morning face wash routine.

                                               💡 Washing your face before you go to bed is critical.

Is There A Right & Easy Way To Cleanse Your Skin?

Yes! There’s a right way to wash your face.

Step 1: Wet your face

Step 2: Use a cleanser and apply it in circular motions to massage it onto your skin

Step 3: Wait for at least 30 seconds to let the cleanser do its job

Step 4: Use a different cleanser that aims your skin irritations, if any (Like acne or blackheads)

Step 5: Use warm to cool water to wash off the cleanser

Step 6: Gently pat skin dry, use a dry face towel not shower towel

If you have oily skin, leave a hot towel on your face for 3-5 minutes & splash cold water immediately.

Mistakes To Avoid While Washing Your Face

  • Temperature matter while washing your skin
  • Using the wrong cleanser for your skin type or skin condition
  • Reaching for a bar of soap to wash your face
  • Wiping your face with a shower towel
  • Lathering for too long


All thanks to the free radicals, your skin reacts very badly to oxidative stress caused by air and industrial pollution, cigarette smoke and UV rays. You must need to repair your skin to reduce the damage caused by these free radicals.

Include an antioxidant serum like Vitamin C in your daily skincare routine and use it after your cleansing ritual & underneath a moisturizer.

If you’re above your 25’s, use an anti-aging serum before bedtime. Ingredients like Retinols, help better in reducing wrinkles & fine lines.


The essential part of skincare routine is moisturizing. Never skip it.

Follow up your antioxidant serum with a SPF 30 moisturizer (SPF range can vary, based on the season. In summers, we prefer SPF 50 moisturizer-sunscreen).

Moreover, Sunscreens aren’t just for outdoors. Harmful UV-rays can damage your skin when you travel to work (as UV-rays can penetrate through your car glasses) or  when you are relaxing in your own patio.

At night, use a lightweight moisturizer without sunscreen. If your skin doesn’t feel dry, you can give this a pass.

How to Pick Best Products For Your Daily Skincare Routine

Consider Your Skin Type

As discussed, men tend to have thicker and oily skin due to testosterone and thankfully, skincare market filled to the brim with products that help & repair oily skin. But, if you have a dry & flaky skin, seek out the products that target your skin concern. If your skin is sensitive, you’re more prone to burning or irritation, then choose products without essential oils.

See this infographic, these are the ingredients you need to avoid in your skincare products, based on your skin type.

ingredients you need to avoid in your skincare products, based on your skin type

Go for Unisex Products

Men-specific products are good, but the market is dominated with unisex cosmetics that target both male & female skin types and concerns.

Don’t let the label stop you. Don’t like scents? Shop for fragrance-free cosmetics or prefer more musky smell? Opt earthy or woodsy essential oils, they have calming effect.


Finding a perfect skincare product is always a trial & error. If possible start with trail packages, play around with subscription boxes or use different cosmetics targeting different areas of concern.

Skincare isn’t just “ladies-only” territory, guys too can have their share of fun!

Ethnicity is important

Skin needs & skin type differs from heritage to heritage. So, consider your ethnicity, before making a product purchase or following a skincare regimen.

Most of the Afro-American men tend to have more sensitive skin, so they need to keep an eye while picking up the products. Avoid anything loaded with harsh chemicals or that can cause irritation. This infographic might help in filtering your choices!

Asian & hispanic men are more prone to skin pigmentation, so add a skin brightening cream or serum in your daily skincare regimen. Moreover, avoid sun exposure; if it’s not possible, at least stay in shade during peak hours.

Onthebuzz - UV Index

How To Manage Skin Eruptions and Irritations Caused Due To Shaving

Bumpy textures are major concerns for guys. Shaving causes irritation, but a proper skincare routine in conjunction with shaving can improve your skin.

  • Do salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide wash wash daily after shaving. This helps in reducing burns & bumps.
  • If irritated from shaving, switch to electric razors. They are a bit easier on skin.
  • If you are an Afro-American, you are more exposed to razor bumps. Because, you have more ingrown & natural curl hair. So, switch to depilatory instead of shaving. This aids in reducing razor bumps!

On a Final Note, Are Men Serious About Skincare?

Sure! A research from Coresight.comprojected a growth of US$60.7 billion in male grooming products by the year 2020. This should tell you, guys are more interested in pampering their skin. Some studies show that skin concerns can affect self-image & performance. So, it’s high-time for you too, to leave the age-old tale that says skincare is just for girls and join the bandwagon of nourishing your skin.


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