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AnxiCalm is a unique blend of various herbs and vitamins formulated or developed into tablets form that help to provide symptomatic relief in Anxiety Disorders. These Tablets are Gluten-Free and contains No Pesticides & safe for human consumption.


ASTAPLUS is one of the consumable forms of Astaxanthin a powerful, naturally occurring carotenoid.


COCOPLUS is one of the most consumable forms of MCT’s from Coconut Oil.


CURCUPLUS is one of the most consumable forms of Curcumin, a principal bioactive ingredient of turmeric. We no longer have time to consume curcumin in its natural and effective form, CURCPLUS capsules are therefore the easiest ways to consume the curcumin present in Turmeric, hassle free and in the right proportion. CURCUPLUS capsule is a Nutraceutical in the form of Liquid filled Vegetarian capsule containing blend of 95% Curcumin & Virgin Coconut Oil.

Green DHA

DHA is a type of Omega-3 Fatty Acid used by the Human body and is primarily required for Brain, Heart and Eye health. Known as one of the essential fatty acids, DHA is not synthesized in the body and hence need to be supplied from an external source. This DHA capsule provides pure DHA from a vegetarian source Schizochytrium sp. that helps promote not only the Brain, Heart and Eye health but also helps in the overall wellbeing of the humans.


SleepEaze is a blend of various herbal extracts formulated or developed into the dosage form of tablet that helps reduce the day time symptoms of Sleep Disorders (Insomnia) and induce peaceful sleep and also improves sleep pattern. These Tablets are Gluten-Free and safe for human consumption in therapeutic dosage. To help attain a sound sleep presenting, SleepEaze.


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