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Irie Store: Your Eco-Friendly Store Of Sustainable Products

Climate change is real! It was just a few days ago on Earth Day, that the whole world stood in solidarity to press the issue of climate change and to promote ‘Save Earth’ culture. However, there are still only a few people who are actually thinking about the future of our planet and are doing things accordingly to support the cause of “Go Green” and “Save Earth”. And we believe that we should mention one such initiative that is keen on promoting organic farming and the uses of hemp in day-to-day life: Irie Store!

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5 Easy to Implement Handcare Tips for You!

We constantly focus on maintaining a youthful glow on our face and follow a lot of skincare routines. But we often miss out on one of the most used body parts. And that is our HAND. So what do you think about some simple handcare tips?
You know your hands have the power to make a very strong first impression be it with a handshake or friendly wave.

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Why Sunscreen Is Important?

Well, hello!! If you are not staying under a rock, you must have heard that you need sunscreen to protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. I do not think anyone wants to see their own skin wrinkly and burnt by the sun. A sunscreen of SPF 30 will block 97% of the sun’s rays. A higher SPF will block slightly more UV rays, but there is no sunscreen that will block 100% of the rays. Look for an SPF 30 at least but it is not proven that an SPF 40 or 50 will give you a little bit more protection than the 30.

Why sunscreen is important
First Menstruation
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First Menstruation: Early Signs, Food And Dietary Guidelines

The Period of transition from childhood to adulthood is called adolescence with accelerated physical, biochemical and emotional development. It is during this period that the final growth spurt occurs. There are many body changes that result due to the influence of hormones. The growth spurt of boys is slower than that of girls. Growth velocity is maximum for girls between 10 – 13 years. With the profound growth of adolescence, there are increased demands for energy, protein, minerals and vitamins.

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Advantages Of Using A Sit-Stand Desk At Your Workplace

We live in a world that is growing vastly! We are too busy making it perfect that we often forget that we are sometimes risking our health and life for it. Sitting for almost a whole day can increase the risk of many health problems. To make a difference in this compact way of living and working, we have been introduced to a simple yet innovative desk design especially for corporate employees, a “sit-stand desk”.

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Heavy Makeup Or Bare Minimum? Simple Tips To Look Flawless

I dreamed of being a fashion designer, or a painter. I could not decide between the two and decided to change my path and become a social media marketer. Through promoting other brands, I came across how YouTube as a platform helps people so much and I thought let’s make a channel and start posting about makeup, skincare and fashion in general. I will say that my videos do need a long way to go I am just starting but I am being as authentic as I can be.

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Make Your Resume Stand Out: Resume Tips For Job Aspirants!

Before you start applying for jobs in your relevant stream, it is very important for you to have a polished resume. Resumes or CVs reflect your overall background information. Hence, it’s necessary to make a resume that will leave a good impact on the recruiter or the interviewer. Here are few tips on how to build an eye-catching resume.

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