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Cardio & Fat loss, Where are We Going WRONG!

The Scientific evidence behind post-workout Cardiovascular Training. I am an individual who does combination workout sessions, combining a run and a gym session as a part of my daily regimen. So this intense workout is supposed to help me out with extra bulk and strength, right? Nope, it won’t necessarily! This workout will have reduced effects in terms of muscle gains and strength in general. This is due to a phenomenon called the interference effect.

Cardio and fat loss
yoga for period cramps
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12 Yoga Asanas To Do During The Menstrual Cycle

Hey peeps! I am very excited today, I am going out to a party after such a long time with my friends. But wait! God no my periods are here! Cramps and uneasiness will follow soon…This could have been my reaction. But since the last 2 months, my cramps are less painful! Yes, you read it right. I wasn’t amongst those lucky ones who don’t experience pain or discomfort. You would be thinking, she might be using some heating pads or some commercial product.

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Meditate All Your Worries Away!!

There are many things in this life that you have no control over and most of the time you can’t do anything about it. And during this time, I am sure you will be getting lots of “do this….it will help..” But You are the one who definitely has some control over your mind and your body. And that control is very easy to attain. You can win that control with a few minutes of SIMPLE MEDITATION PRACTICE. 

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How To Restore Your Skin’s Health Post-Diwali?

Lights, crackers, diyas, sweets, rangolis, card games and more lights! Diwali is always full of these. We all love the bright lights twinkling around us while we are dressed our best in traditional dresses. But Diwali in India is also known for one more thing, and that is: Smoke! The air quality index (AQI) faces a drastic change the very next day after Diwali.

post diwali skincare
Kashmiri Kahwa
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Kashmiri Kahwa And Its Health Benefits

Beginning your day with a cup of tea is a daily ritual for most of us. It prepares us for the rest of the day and recharges us to begin a bright new day with all the enthusiasm needed. Kahwa Tea is one such beverage from the Kashmir valley which can help do the same. Kahwa tea is from the Yarkand valley which is in China now. It is a popular beverage in Central Asia and some other parts of the Asian continent.

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A Guide on Facial Massage for a Healthy Glowing Skin!!

At some point in time, you all have enjoyed a good session of body massage. Be it in a relaxing environment in the spa or your toddler standing/walking on your back while watching TV. And I bet, after this massage session, you did feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Just like your body, your facial muscles also need a massage to maintain a healthy glow in your skin.

Facial massage


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