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8 Simple Skincare Tips To Follow During The Climate Change

When the climate changes, it directly impacts our skin. Your skin can either look dry or oily as there is a drop and rise in the temperature respectively. Humidity also plays a major role in the way your skin looks. You might have observed that when the rainy season is nearby, your skin starts feeling oily. And when the winter is coming, your skin starts looking dry and flaky.

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Let’s LOSE WEIGHT By Home-Made Healthy Bread Recipes!

Do you also have a love-hate relationship with bread? At least I do. I love to have a slice of bread and butter but hate it when I gain a few calories because of it. And, this must be the case with every one of you. Right? So, let’s dig into it and find out which bread we should avoid and which we can have even during dieting.

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War Of Hunger Hormones: Leptin And Ghrelin

If there was a hormone in your body whose chief job was to make you feel hungry, most of us probably wouldn’t be too keen on it. But if there was a hormone that decreased our appetites, we’d order buckets of it! Well, let me introduce you to some hormones that do just those things: the hunger hormones, leptin, and ghrelin. These two hormones signal our body ‘TO EAT OR NOT TO EAT’

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Must Know Bridal Fashion Tips For Brides-To-Be

Every girl waits eagerly for her wedding day when she will become a bride. She dreams to look like a princess in her enticing bridal wear. Starting from the Mehendi, there are a number of events organized during the wedding function. Every girl, who is the bride-to-be, wants to look special at each of these functions of the wedding ceremony. She plans to have a special dress for each event and look unique and beautiful at each function.

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Conscious Skincare: Self-love and Saving The Planet 

“Don’t forget to apply Ubtan to remove tanning,” is a line that we have all heard from our grandmothers! Ubtan, which is a blend of chickpea flour, turmeric and sandalwood, is a ubiquitous part of Indian culture. The ideal beauty rituals in India have ranged from Ayurvedic treatments, DIY skincare recipe secrets to now, modern scientific solutions. Indian skincare and cosmetic companies of today are pushing the envelope of innovation and sustainability.

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Mental Health: Know When To Seek Professional Help

Mental health comprises the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of an individual. Our mind is capable of processing and analysing our thoughts, feelings and emotions which arise due to our beliefs and our everyday experiences some of which may be good some which may be triggering. Our mental health is also a result of our environment and societal interactions.

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A Detailed Guide To The Ketogenic Diet

The Keto diet plan for weight loss is something that most people have heard about, in India. It is one of the best methods to get rid of excess weight while improving health. However, before we get into what to eat in the Keto diet or how to start the Keto diet, let us understand what the Keto diet really is. Research shows that the Keto diet plan is far superior compared to other often-recommended low-fat diets. One of the benefits of the Keto diet menu is that it is very filling and hence you won’t feel like you are starving. You can actually lose weight without keeping track of every bite you take or counting the calories of every food item.

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5 Easy to Implement Handcare Tips for You!

We constantly focus on maintaining a youthful glow on our face and follow a lot of skincare routines. But we often miss out on one of the most used body parts. And that is our HAND. So what do you think about some simple handcare tips?
You know your hands have the power to make a very strong first impression be it with a handshake or friendly wave.

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