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Mistakes That Should Be Avoided Under Stress

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Are you stressed out? Don’t worry, we all get stress at some point or the other!

In today’s hectic life schedule, stress is something that we all deal with every minute. Some of us deal with it in a very calm and composed manner while some become their own worst enemies. Mostly we tend to end up making mistakes that we regret later at a point where we can’t turn them back into right once the wrong is already done. There is no reason why we make mistakes when we are stressed. It can be due to work pressure, family problems, psychological issues, or anything else that is worrying our thoughts and in that mindset, we make mistakes unknowingly. However, we need to tackle the situations with the right presence of mind and try our best to avoid mistakes as much as possible. If at all some mistakes are made by us due to stress, then we must try to fix them to the best so as to not bear the consequences later.

The truth is that there is no actual stress or anxiety in the world; it’s your thoughts that create these false beliefs. You can’t package stress, touch it, or see it. There are only people engaged in stressful thinking.” – Wayne Dyer

Here’s a list of some mistakes to be avoided under stress with an alternative solution to it:

Physical Exertion


Most of us make a mistake by doing some sort of workout or some aggressive physical activities like going to the gym, hitting the punching bag or running in order to reduce the stress. However, it accelerates the stress levels to a high level by increasing our agitation and frustration even more. Alternatively, if we try meditating when in stress, it will help us cope up with the situation in a calmer way and help alleviate the stress levels. Meditation brings along peace and the ability to think of a better solution to the problem we are facing at the moment and how to deal with it without making any mistakes.

Rush to Meet Deadlines

If the stress is due to our work, we tend to rush towards meeting the work deadlines and in the hurry, we further make some unavoidable and incorrigible mistakes. Instead, when in stress, first sit and relax for a few minutes, have a cup of tea or coffee or juice, whatever you like and think of what works are done and what has to be done while sipping your beverage. You will see that the picture is getting clearer with every minute and you can easily work up on all the given tasks with no confusion. Also, there won’t be any mistakes in your work, in fact, it will become easier.

Take Decisions Aggressively

While dealing with stress due to any personal or family reasons we make wrong decisions and regret it later. We must avoid taking decisions when stressed out as we are not focused on what we are deciding at that time. Rather, we must leave the situation in whatever state it is and think about it with a cool mind after some time. For example, if the situation is about buying a property, instead of taking the decision aggressively and buying a property without prior research, we would end up buying it in the wrong place and maybe even at a high price. So we can take some time and come back to making a decision after doing some research and discussing the same with the family members.

Avoiding Taking Help


Most of us avoid taking help from others when we are facing problems in life or work and end up getting stressed out. We either consider it as a matter of dignity or we fear being laughed at and hence don’t ask for help. Additionally, in case of mental stress, we avoid discussing it with our near and dear ones and feel shy in meeting the psychiatrist thinking of society. However, we must seek help from others and talk out our minds to deal with the situation with ease. For example, we can ask other family members to help in doing household work if doing it alone is stressful, we can ask our colleagues and subordinates to help reduce work tasks by sharing it to reduce the work-stress or take coaching and tuitions to avoid exam-stress. No matter what type of stress it is, we must not avoid seeking help from others.

Ignoring the to-do Lists

When we are in stress, we usually keep aside our pending works and avoid doing it on time. This further burdens and increases our to-do list and makes us feel more stressed out. Instead of going into a rage of sleep mode and thinking that it will reduce our stress, we must get up and get working with the work, starting with the easier ones and finishing it off. However, we must try completing it slowly without any rush so as to avoid it being agitated. Once the works in the list get finished one after the other, we will automatically feel de-stressed.

Summing up

At the end of the day, your mistakes won’t be counted but the way you solve them will. Stress is not an excuse to get rid of all the problems, instead, you should learn to face them all without letting the stress burden it further upon you. Once you find the way out, you will find it easier to avoid mistakes which will further keep the stress away from you. Mistakes are inevitable but not incorrigible unless you recognise them and learn how to manage the things successfully in different circumstances.

This article is contributed by Sheetal!

Author Bio: Sheetal has been working as a Social Media Manager for the past 8 years. She is a teacher as well as a writer. She educates to show the right path to the upcoming generation and the future of our country. She writes to express her thoughts and views on how we can bring positive changes in the present day scenario and try to practice most of what she writes. She is also a blogger, an aesthete, a bookaholic, an amateur photographer and a movie buff.



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