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Mindfulness: “Being Calm in the Chaos”


Has it ever happened to you that while you are presenting to a client/class and you start sweating out of nervousness? Or maybe you go to a room and suddenly forget why you came here in the first place or just forget what you were saying to a friend? If yes, how did it make you feel? Completely out of control or you thought all hell broke loose?

You try to find peace at that moment but you can’t. Well, we all want to be the master of our body by controlling all our actions but we find it hard to control our emotions.

Wouldn’t it be good if we could stay calm in all the situations of our lives? This would have probably improved our efficiency to perform our task in the very best way. Wouldn’t that be a superpower?

Well, all that you wish for can just be achieved by practicing Mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

what is mindfulness

Mindfulness is a basic human ability to be fully present in the moment. Mindfulness is a quality that every one of us already possesses. You just have to learn how to access it.

Mindfulness can be achieved through meditation or training. It is primarily based on the Zen meditation technique. Investing time in critical thinking, fantasizing, or figuring negative or irregular thoughts can be draining. Practicing mindfulness can help you to direct your attention towards the right path.


How can Mindfulness help you on a daily basis?

In daily life, we multitask a lot like listening to music while showering, eating while watching television, driving while talking to someone, or listening to a podcast while commuting to work.

We have a preconception that multitasking saves us time. But instead, it tends to make us lose our presence and connection to the task in that particular moment. Thus, affecting the productivity of our work.

Assume that you are writing an article in the morning, and you decided to take a break of 10 mins. So, what will you do in those 10 mins? 

  1. Use your social media account? That will diminish your thoughtfulness
  2. Take a walk peacefully? Which might help you introspect

Most of us would end up taking up option 1. There is no harm in that, but it might affect your overall productivity and you might end up taking a longer break. So in order to avoid such circumstances and to improve your productivity, you can try out a few things.

  • Focus on one task in the very best way possible. Meditate and reflect on your thoughts.
  • Next time, while driving a car, try not turning on the music and experience the silence. It will be uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it gradually.
  • Look around and explore the beauty of nature.

All of this may give peace from the daily chaos and a new perspective towards things. Even the smallest of changes create a great impact on our lives.


Characteristics of Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness assists us with being available in our lives and gives us some authority over our responses and monotonous thoughts.
  • It helps us take a pause, get a clearer image of a circumstance, and react to the situation in a better way.
  • The goal is to develop mindfulness by processing the thoughts in a step- way process. Giving it the necessary attention by observing the thought process and feelings.
  • The attitude should be non-judgmental conventionally for a better outcome.
  • Being non-reactive with the situation and having an accepting attitude towards things

“Why does this always happen to me?” can be significantly transformed into “Why am I experiencing this particular emotion?” Remember – Whenever you faced emotional turmoil, you grew stronger. So consider it to be a good sign.

characteristics of mindfulness

Mindfulness allows us to increase self-awareness, which is the primary element of emotional intelligence.

Correlation between Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive, manage and respond to a situation. While Mindfulness is all about self-awareness, self-consciousness, alertness to distinction, orientation in the present, both terminologies are correlated.

Mindfulness can be practiced by connecting through our inner selves. It is the foundation of Emotional Intelligence. Every individual perceives things differently. This leads to greater love and compassion for oneself as well as the others. This sort of mindfulness prompts more prominent love and empathy for oneself just like the other. Application of Emotional Intelligence is equally important for utilizing emotions in the right way for the benefit of others.

emotional intelligence

Mindfulness can manifest emotional intelligence in the following ways:

  • It improves your ability to comprehend your own emotions
  • It helps you to create an awareness of things around you
  • It assists you to learn how to recognize the emotions 
  • It strengthens your ability to govern and control your emotions
  • It will inculcate the value of dealing with things in a stress-free way

So, next time, whenever you feel chaotic, just take a small break and practice mindfulness. Feel free from your mind and body. Maintaining equilibrium of mind and body is necessary for a stable and healthy life. I would like to end this with a beautiful quote

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath” – Amit Ray

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