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Why Cold Brew Coffee Became So Cool – Make Your Perfect Brew in 4-Steps!

Cold Brew Coffee

The Tasty Cold Brews – Non Acidic & Non Caloric

Ever heard of Cold Brew Coffees? They’re selling like hot cakes all around the world. Not just the typical hot brewed coffee, Cold Brews are slow pressed to bring out one-of-a-kind boldness to the coffee grounds. From it’s making to the diverse flavors, cold brew coffee is fun & fantastic.

What’s The Secret Of Cold Brew Coffee Recipe?

Slow, Smooth & Savory

Cold brew is a process and method for smoothness and taste. The cold water makes the extraction process look like a super slo-mo version of the normal one.

It takes anywhere from eighteen to twenty-four hours for the cold water to settle in and bring the compounds and flavors out.

Here, it’s the temperature of the water that does the trick. Since the water is cold, it allows for a whole bunch of other compounds to wake up and sneak into the mix.

This radically changes the flavor by kicking out the more acidic compounds and bringing in the softer ones.

So, those annoying little acids that become bitter or super acidic with hot water? Nope, they don’t even show up here.

This makes cold brews extra smooth and easy to drink, making for a truly fascinating coffee experience. Let’s now see an easy homemade cold brew coffee recipe.

How To Make A Cold Brew Coffee

No Fuss! Easy Homemade Recipe For A Perfect Cold Brew

Making a cold brew coffee is no rocket science nor does it require ninja-level skill to master. Apart from a strainer and a vessel, you require no special equipment to make cold brew coffee at home.

Wait no more, here’s how to make a cold brew coffee at home from scratch. Follow this cold brew coffee recipe, you’ll not be disappointed.

Things you need

  • Big vessel 
  • Strainer or cheesecloth
  • 250gm of Coffee Beans of your choice
  • 2 litre of Filtered Water – Cold or room temperature (Don’t use hot water, as it makes the brew more bitter & acidic)

Instructions to make cold brew coffee

  • Coarsely grind coffee beans
  • Combine coffee ground with water in a big vessel and stir until well-blended
  • Cover and refrigerate the cold brew coffee for 18 to 24 hours
  • Post the steeping process, filter the cold brew using a cheesecloth or strainer into an airtight jar and refrigerate it


Undiluted cold brew can be stored in refrigerator up to 2 weeks, where as the diluted brew lasts for 2 days when chilled.

Not a DIY fan? Try some of the best cold brews available in the market. Here’s a list for you!

Some of our Favorite Cold Brew Coffee Brands

With market full of brands bringing new flavors of cold brew, we set to find out: Which store bought cold brew is bang for the buck.

Chameleon Original Coffee Concentrate

This is everyone’s favorite. It’s flavorful & potent. It tastes perfect with a couple of ice cubes and a slash of almond milk. 

Chameleon Cold Brew Organic Black Coffee
Image Credits:

Starbucks Cold Brew

This Starbucks cold brew is strong but surprisingly smooth. It comes in various flavors as Black Sweetened, Black unsweetened, Cocoa & Honey (Our Personal Favorite) & Vanilla & Figs

Bolt Cold Brew Coffee

With Bolt cold brew concoction, you don’t have to worry about caffeine-induced acidity. Bolt Cold Brew Coffee is refreshing & enhances caffeine experience, but slashing down the pesky acids. It’s made from pure Arabica beans, which are brewed for 24 hours. 

Bolt Cold Brew
Image Credits: Bolt Cold Brew

Bolt Cold Brew Coffee mixes well with lots of drinks and taste absolutely awesome when mixed with just about anything.

Cold Brew Coffee vs. Hot Brew Coffee

Over a period of time, regular coffee redefined itself in to new flavors. From regular black coffee to the new-age cold brews, there are many caffeine induced drinks that we all love. But, what’s up with this cold brew? How is it different from the good-old hot brewed coffee? Let’s find out.

Cold Brew vs. Hot Brew

It’s Coffee O’ Clock!

Now you know why coldbrews stole the limelight. Cold Brew coffees, not only let us enjoy the rich & potent flavor, but also gets rid-off the stomach-burning & nauseating acids. We, personally love trying cold brews. What about you?


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