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Keep Yourself Safe From Novel Coronavirus [10 Things to Do]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having the world in an emergency. What started in China, is spreading all across the globe and new cases are being identified daily. As of now, a vaccine has not been formulated for COVID-19, and it seems that prevention is the best cure available so far for this. There are so many assumptions on Coronavirus. Let’s break them all one by one. And get to know about some products to keep yourself safe from this scrouge!

What is coronavirus?

As defined by WHO – “Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). A novel coronavirus (nCoV) is a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans.”

They are zoonotic, which means that they can be transferred to humans as well. The new virus that is creating havoc globally is called COVID-19. Although the death rate of COVID-19 is about 2%, the threat is real and dangerous. The bulk of cases and fatalities of coronavirus have been confined to China, but it is gradually spreading internationally.

What can you do to keep yourself safe from coronavirus?

1. Avoid physical contact with people who are sick

2. Maintain 3 feet distance from the people who are coughing or sneezing

3. Stay home if you’re feeling sick

4. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, and then dispose of the tissue

5. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects in the house or workplace

For this use Eco Wipes: We often use disinfectant liquids to clean our laptops, phones, and other devices, but with the introduction of Eco Wipes, cleaning devices just became effective and easier. These alcohol-free quaternary ammonium wipes prevent cross-contamination and wipe out all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

6. Wear masks for further prevention of the virus

For this use Airmask: Airmask is a filtration innovation at its best. It is made of four-layers of antimicrobial cloth that blocks out 95% of the harmful and infection-causing germs. It is a highly effective and stylish mask for everyday use

7. Wash your hand often with hand wash or use hand-sanitizer to keep your hands germ-free

For this use Theruptor Hand Rub: Hand sanitizers have replaced the traditional methods of washing hands with soap and water. It is WHO recommended hand rub formulation, and it works better than regular hand sanitizers. 

8. If you have a cough, fever, and difficulty in breathing, immediately consult a doctor

9. Avoid traveling to international places with coronavirus emergency

10. Stay informed of the latest news on coronavirus and the precautious measures the government is implementing

Follow these steps for a healthy life free from illness and viruses. These simple steps will ensure your well-being against the dreaded coronavirus. Try maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the introduction of these products to avoid running in the race against coronavirus.


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