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Irie Store: Your Eco-Friendly Store Of Sustainable Products

Irie store

Climate change is real! It was just a few days ago on Earth Day, that the whole world stood in solidarity to press the issue of climate change and to promote ‘Save Earth’ culture. 

However, there are still only a few people who are actually thinking about the future of our planet and are doing things accordingly to support the cause of “Go Green” and “Save Earth”. And we believe that we should mention one such initiative that is keen on promoting organic farming and the uses of hemp in day-to-day life: Irie Store!

What started as a simple idea of making eco-friendly candles by a visionary, who happens to be a mother and a feminist, turned into a more beautiful idea of going green, going organic, by her son, Kiran, the founder of Irie Store.

Irie store India

But before we dive into the details of what Irie Store is, let’s talk about how the idea of ‘Irie’ came into the picture. Usha Sohan started making designer and eco-friendly candles back in 2003. She was driven by the idea of employing women, mostly, who come from not so privileged families. 

Three years ago, Kiran took over and expanded his mother’s vision widely into the fields of organic farming: Irie Farms India, hemp soap manufacturing, Irie Kitchen India (on a subscription basis). Irie Store is promoting permaculture, hydroponics, and organic farming. 

*Everything grown at Irie Farms are organic and the other products that they sell are also from their other farmer friends.

But for now, you all must be thinking, what exactly is Irie? In the words of Kiran, a fanatic of reggae music, says that in reggae music, Irie means ‘Positive’, and his vision is to spread positivity through his initiative he proudly calls “Irie Store”. 

Let’s talk about another interesting thing that Irie Store has to offer: Hemp products

The word ‘Hemp’ when put into the spotlight can attract so many mixed comments, as people often confuse it with ‘marijuana’ and their simple comment is “Stay away from the drugs”. But now that Hemp and its products are gaining popularity in India, let’s talk about it in detail. 

“Hemp doesn’t get you high! Eat it, wear it, use it, show it off!”

Hemp: This particular strain of cannabis, believe it or not, is an incredible environment-friendly solution to many of our problems. Hemp is the oldest domesticated crop known to man and is a non-intoxicating variety of cannabis. The main chemical compound in hemp is (cannabinoid) CBD which is non-psychotropic in nature. CBD does not have an intoxicating effect on the body but has healing and therapeutic benefits.

Irie Store has several hemp products including soaps, hemp seeds, and hemp powder. But it is quite popular for its artisan hemp soaps. 

Words from Irie Store: “Hemp Oil is one of the world’s richest sources of polyunsaturated fats while also including two of the most important essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, and gamma-linolenic acid. These fatty acids are essential in helping maintain the natural moisture content in the body. They act as a wonderful all-natural moisturizing agent for the skin. Unlike other antibacterial or anti-inflammatory soaps, hemp soap doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals which dry out the skin.

Irie Store has: Charcoal, licorice, clay, and basil hemp soaps. 

Apart from intriguing hemp soaps, Irie Store is a den of many daily essentials. Some products that you can easily find on Irie Store are:

Himalayan Wild Honey

Ginger Beer

Lakadong Turmeric

Organic Mangoes

Organic Palasa Cashew

Check out their website for exciting products. And you can avail great discounts at the checkout page. Here are the links:


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