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How To Look Flawless | Makeup and Non-Makeup Tips

flawless complexion

Who doesn’t want to have a healthy and flawless complexion? But does it really take so much to attain it? No! You don’t have to live at the spas spending money on expensive products or change everything about your skincare regime. 

Who wouldn’t want perfect skin so they can go at least one day leaving the house without wearing any makeup? Having a flawless complexion will give you the confidence to rock the bare look. We believe that the skin needs to breathe and you have to allow it to shine from inside rather than relying on chemicals too often. You will eventually realize that it is less about buying truckloads of products than maintaining a few things in your day-to-day life.

How to have a flawless complexion without any makeup

Non makeup tips

Exercise daily: It is no new news that daily exercise keeps our body young and delays aging. Exercising not only has an impact on your body but also on your facial muscles. But that doesn’t mean that you should immediately buy the membership of your nearest gym! Exercise can be about taking a long walk in your neighborhood or dancing to your favorite playlist.

Drink plenty of water: This is the most common beauty tip anyone can give you. And yes it works like a miracle. Drinking plenty of water can help you in the long run and battle those fine lines, wrinkles, and dehydrated skin. Drinking 12-15 glasses of water daily is advised. If that number displeases you, you can also opt for juices and herbal teas without sugar. Water will detoxify your body which will also show on your face.

Introduce fruits & vegetables & dietary fiber in your daily diet: For this, you don’t have to give up on eating anything at all, just introduce fruits and healthy vegetables in your daily diet. You can add – Avocados, spinach, peas, carrots, pomegranate, black beans, broccoli, ragi, oats, soya milk et al – which are rich in fiber. Also, eat seasonal fruits whenever you can. Because whatever you eat shows on your face.

Get a good night’s sleep for at least 7 hours: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that ‘beauty sleep’ is an actual thing! It is because your whole body including your skin gets into repair mode when you sleep. While you are sleeping all sorts of hormonal and metabolic changes happen in your body, including your skin. Lack of sleep can promote the visibility of dark circles, dehydration, and inflammation. 

How to have a flawless complexion with makeup

Makeup tips

Use an effective face wash for a base: First things first, cleanse! Cleansing is the first basic step of any skincare regime. For this, use an effective face wash that blends well with your skin concern. Essentially you are looking for the face wash that banishes excess face oil, keeps your pores closed, and lifts away impurities from your face. 

Use the right serum: You should really tackle your skin pores because that is where the oil and debris collect. You should look for serums that deliver smooth, hydrated, and wrinkle-free skin. For this, you can use serums from Slova Cosmetics. The helpful serums are: Elevate, Fill, Renovate, and Revive. 

Apply hydrating moisturizer: Hydration is key to any winning skincare routine. Refresh from Slova Cosmetic should be your go-to moisturizing cream for this because it uses moisture-lock technology that keeps hydration locked in your skin. It also restores the healthy balance of your skin. 

Get rid of puffy eyes with concealer: There is nothing better than a good concealer to hide any blemishes and dark circles or puffy eyes. Apply the step of moisturizing, go for concealer. A good concealer diminishes an uneven skin tone without weighing it down. And the best thing about concealers is that they come with SPFs, so while hiding all the skin conditions you can also protect your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays. 

Apply a little foundation: After covering up uneven skin tone with concealer, now to make your skin look more flawless you need a good foundation. Choose a lightweight foundation as it should look like another layer of skin and not a blanket on the skin. And the result will be flawless-looking skin all day long!

Opt for rejuvenating face masks: Facemasks, be it ready-made or homemade, are always a fun way to have flawless-looking skin. You can go for the most talked-about magnetic mask that is new and trending in the market now. For this, you can opt for the Glow mask from Slova Cosmetics, which promotes healthier, brighter, and younger-looking skin.

Slova Glow

Try out these tips on how to have flawless skin. Always opt for make-up-free tips first, because make-up tips can always be your go-to option for every occasion.


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