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Heavy Makeup Or Bare Minimum? Simple Tips To Look Flawless

I dreamed of being a fashion designer, or a painter. I could not decide between the two and decided to change my path and become a social media marketer. Through promoting other brands, I came across how YouTube as a platform helps people so much and I thought let’s make a channel and start posting about makeup, skincare and fashion in general. I will say that my videos do need a long way to go I am just starting but I am being as authentic as I can be.

For me, skincare is like the most important thing. In India, you will see how people (relatives) discriminate you for your skin colour, I was too discriminated against, even if I had a fair to medium skin colour, I was not ‘perfect’. I was very conscious about my skin and I think I still am. But I learned how to make the best with what you have, and focused on a skincare routine, what you eat and drink is pretty important, so that you can enhance your skin first rather than investing in skin whitening products.

Simple eye makeup

I only use makeup to enhance my face, like an amazing red lipstick or a pop of colour in your eyes something like that. In this humid climate, I cannot even wear foundation, so I mostly use a tinted moisturiser or a bb cream. I also use a concealer to conceal some pesky pimples or any dark spots. You must find other ways to make your skin look great.

Red lipstick

I want women to know that maybe they do not need foundation, and contouring. Do not use foundation as a habit, and because other people are using it. I think we should all have one in our make-up bag, but not use one necessarily every day.

Foundation is the best concealer, do you have redness, hyperpigmentation, dark circles? For me, for example, I wanted to cover some redness but keep the skin’s natural glow. So, I apply the foundation just to my problem area first, and I stop there.

Wear a copper eye shadow to make a statement look different and yet super glamorous, chic. Blend the copper eyeshadow, maybe with a touch of glitter and smudging it up with dark kohl.

Hope these tips help!

This article is contributed by Punam Jha!

Author’s Bio: Punam Jha has 3 years of experience in Social Media Marketing. She is also a content creator on YouTube and an artist, with a knack for makeup and fashion.

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