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Moisturizing Matters – Steps to Satiate Your Skin’s Thirst

When you’re thirsty, you’ll quench it by drinking water. Likewise, when your skin is thirsty, moisturizer provides necessary hydration & locks moisture. A good moisturizer aids in keeping skin healthy and supple. But, did you ever think why do your skin needs timely hydration? Below is your go-to guide to perceive the importance of hydration, benefits of moisturization and how to do it right. Let’s get into the better stuff without an delay.

Hydrating the Lightly Hydrated

You shouldn’t go a day without moisturizing your skin. It’s like not watering your plants only to see them withered and very dry. Hydrated skin will not only benefit today but will continue to do so in long haul. This is where moisturizer aids you. It nourishes and retains the natural lustre and improves your skin in many ways.

Daily Moisturization – Enjoy the Perks that Come Your Way

Have you noticed your skin turning scaly, dry & chapped when in cooler temperatures? It happens because your skin conserves heat, when the atmosphere is cold. This forces blood vessels to constrict and in turn resists from generating enough moisture, thus resulting in dry skin. Moisturizing replenishes lost hydration. The thicker the moisturizer the best it works in cooler weather.

Moisturizer Works Best in..

  • Covering small fissures in skin
  • Replacing excess oils on your skin
  • Holding skin moisture for longer hours
  • Providing protection from pollution
  • Restricting early aging
  • Preventing eczema & other skin conditions

Healthy skin starts from right moisturization. Yes, you need to do it right to win maximum benefits. So, let’s get to the details.

Shop for the Right Moisturizer

Hydration starts with humectants. Look for ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, propylene alcohol. Make sure your moisturizer-body or face contain at least one humectant. These aid in locking the hydration for longer periods.

Layer Strategically

You’ll enjoy the functional benefit of a product when you layer it with another cosmetic that works best together. A rule of thumb for the right application – Thinnest consistency works your way above up to the thickest. So, this way skin can absorb the ingredients and deliver maximum perks.

Use Optimal Amount

There’s always a right amount that blends well into the skin. Experimentation is necessary to determine the right amount of product to use. If you are unable to rub all the product into your skin, then you’ve used too much. Likewise, on the other hand, if the product is not evenly spreading, you might need some more.

Readjust the Regimen

Who said you need to change your complete skin care routine in each season, especially if it’s working for you? Try some troubleshooting with your regimen. Like in winters, opt for a thick moisturizer and a higher SPF sunblock in summer. If your skin loves your current moisturizer, but looking for more hydration, try layering oils like Jojoba, Rosehip, and Argan underneath.

Don’t Neglect the Neck

Do you have any idea on why we don’t go beyond our jaw line while using beauty products? No right? Maybe we’re too lazy to slather something good on our neck. It’s the main reason why neck looks aged with wrinkles and dark spots. From now just stretch your palms below your jaw line & apply your face creams or oils or serums on your neck. Avoid body moisturizer on face & neck as it may irritate sensitive facial skin & might even cause breakouts.

That’s all. Just blend these tips in your routine and say bye-bye to dry & chapped skin even in winters!




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