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Coronavirus Quarantine – How to Keep Kids Engaged!

Well, the schools are closed and the kids are going to be at home! That looks like a lot of ‘working to do’ for the parents. As the new coronavirus pandemic continues to take hold of the world, more and more families find themselves in quarantine and isolation to avoid spreading of the virus. During this lockdown, it is becoming even harder for parents to keep their children entertained. The job of a parent is itself one of the hardest jobs in the world and when kids stay home the whole time, it will take more energy from the parents to keep them entertained. And it will become more important for parents to not let their kids get bored and irritated by the isolation from the outer world. If you’re a parent and are looking for ways to keep your kids in good mental health, then this is the article for you. 

Some fun activities that parents can play with their kids

  • Ludo
  • Lego games
  • Puzzles
  • General knowledge – Quiz
  • Basic drawing
  • Uno
  • Science experiments at home
Kids playing indoor games

Apart from the engaging games and activities, parents can also make the most of their quarantine time with their kids (without losing their sanity). Here’s how!

  1. Surprise your kids with new activities: Everyday may be a struggle, but you sure can throw in some surprise activities for your kids. You can engage them in fun indoor activities as mentioned above.
  2. Stay active: It is very important for parents to be active and to be specific about how they want to spend the time with their family, especially kids. Staying active will also help you to think fresh. Being at home, one can become lazy, but the parents should be more enthusiastic than their children.
  3. Make technology your friend: Make the most of the technology (useful). Take your time to introduce your kids to the informative rich content. They can be of any type a quiz game or subject related videos.
  4. Limit your and your kids’ screen time: While in the time of isolation, technology and its use can come as a boon, but make sure that you limit your and kids’ screen time. Always monitor what kind of content they’re exposed to. And make them do chores to earn their screen time. This will help both parents and kids. 
  5. Have a conversation: Always maintain a crystal clear understanding between you and your kids. Talk to them and make them feel that they are safe no matter what.
  6. Throw in some baking surprises: If you can’t eat dessert out, it is better to make them at home. You can also engage your kids in making them, bringing them fun and enjoyment.
  7. Communicate with teachers about offline and online teaching activities: Always keep a tab on how your kids are learning. Make a daily note and keep in touch with teachers on how to enhance their learning skills while they are at home.
  8. Give more focus to home learning: If it is difficult to maintain regular contact with the teachers, step up and follow the ‘home learning’ technique. Watch what your kids are learning, give them some tests in between to challenge their learning skills.
  9. Keep an eye on what your kids are watching: As you all will be home all the time, make sure to keep a tab on what kind of things your child is exposed to. Try to maintain a healthy balance between ‘what is being shown’ and ‘what is important’ for your kids.
  10. Use social media for good: Maintain a healthy connection with social media. Keep yourself updated about  the things happening in and around you and act accordingly.

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What is Xplorabox?

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