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Commonly Available Products to Help You Maintain Personal Hygiene!

Good personal hygiene is important for good health and there is no denying that. And good personal hygiene helps you in battling illness surrounding you. Bathing, brushing, washing hands on a regular interval, flossing, etc, may seem boring but they add a lot to personal hygiene and helps you in feeling good about you and your body. 

Seeing how the world is progressing, you might be inviting a lot of negative things in your lives. And with the rise in industrialization, there is an increase in air pollution and it is becoming risky to sustain without being prone to common illnesses. It is becoming critically important to maintain personal hygiene to combat common illnesses. Here are some products which will help you in maintaining good personal hygiene. 

1. Theruptor Hand Rub: It is not your regular hand sanitizer but it is more than that, works on a higher level than hand sanitizer and keeps your hands free of bacteria and viruses. You can use this hand rub instead of going for traditional hand washes. These hand rubs are more effective in killing bacteria and microorganisms. Using hand rub is as simple as – apply, rub, and dry.

Hand rub

2. Air Mask: A lot of our health depends on the air that we breathe in. Considering the polluted world we live in, one must be aware of the air he is breathing in. While we are doing so many things to make our environment healthy, we must keep in mind the rise in the level of air pollution. For this, use Air Mask. An effective mask that filtrates the air you breathe in and removes about 95% of the harmful content from the air. It is made of four layers of antimicrobial cloth and provides you with an exhalation valve. However, it is advised not to wear them when doing intense physical activity like running.

Air Mask

3. Eco Wipes: It is just like wet wipes you use to clean your face and neck. However, these Eco wipes can be used on the equipment/surface you use in daily life. These moistened pieces of clothes are alcohol-free and made with ammonium compounds. It is very necessary to have a safe and clean environment and to have good hygiene in your surroundings. Use these wipes to clean out any devices which you are using.


Remember, personal hygiene is very important in one’s life. It is always advisable to maintain personal hygiene for your overall health. Eat nutritional food, drink plenty of water, be well-groomed, and maintain hygiene at home and workplace.


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