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Do These Cardio Workouts for Killer Abs (No Gym & No Equipment Required)

Cardio Workouts For Abs

How to Get Toned Abs

Old school crunches are great but experts swear on cardio workouts for killer abs. Cardio workouts will hit your whole core, which makes daily movements easier—and gives your tummy a toned appearance. To get toned abs with cardio, maintaining good form is essential. Below are some tips to perform cardio exercises for abs at home perfectly.

Beginners Cardio Exercises For Abs At Home

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “cardio?” 

Running, maybe the elliptical machine or stationary bike, or even rowing. 

Fitness trainers But there’s so much more to cardio than steady-state endurance workouts—a.k.a. trucking it for the long-haul.

For those who hate spending hours in the gym, cardio exercises are best to work on their abs. Cardio workouts elevate heart rate & allows you to get full body movement in less time. They involve multiple joints and more than one muscle group and can often also burn more calories than a slow, steady-state cardio workout.

Best Cardio Workout for Abs

High Knees

High knees is the best cardio workout for abs that engages all of your ab muscles. 

High Knees - Cardio Workouts For Abs
  • Place your feet hip-distance apart
  • Lift one knee as high as it can go & raise the opposite arm begin to jog in place 
  • Begin to lift your knees higher until they reach above your waist & start to speed up your pace, as if you are trying to rapidly climb stairs
  • Try to maintain this for at least 30 seconds
  • Complete at least three sets of these with 30-second repetitions at first, with one minute rest periods in between

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is an almost forgotten cardio abs workout that works on entire slew of muscle groups, focusing on keeping your abs flexed by maintaining steady breathing & particularly targeting your core. 

Jumping Rope - Cardio Workouts For Abs
  • Start with a 15-minute jump rope workout routine and do basic jumps for five minutes
  • One minute on the left and right foot
  • Three minutes on alternating legs
  • End with five more minutes of basic jumps
  • Add split-leg jumps and wide-to-narrow jumps to your repetitions


Burpees are an excellent form of cardio exercises for abs that are suited for high calorie burning and engages your abdominal muscles & is a part of strength training.

Burpees - Cardio Workouts For Abs
  • Begin with a standing position, with your legs hip-distance apart
  • Move to a squat position with your hands on the ground
  • In a swift motion, extend your arms on the ground in front of you and kick your feet back till you assume a plank position
  • Immediately return to squat position again
  • Stand up from squat position
  • Repeat this entirely until you have completed three sets of 12 repetitions 
  • Take a one-minute break in between each set

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are physically demanding cardio workout for abs that fully engage every muscle in the abdominal area. 

Mountain Climbers - Cardio Workouts For Abs
  • Start this exercise by assuming a push-up position by maintaining a straight back, with your hands about shoulder-width apart
  • Bring your right knee towards your right hand and lightly touch your toe to the ground
  • Hold this for a few seconds & return your leg to extending position.
  • Repeat the same sequence of actions with your left leg
  • Do this exercise at a rapid pace, while maintaining safety and form. 
  • Do three sets of 30-second repetitions for a minute by resting for another minute


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