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Butterflies and Everything Nice:​ My First Flight Experience​

first flight

I am sure most of the people have written in their resumes that their hobby is to travel. And most of us really choose some companies which offer travel opportunities.

Travelling often gives you some “me time”, peace, and benefit to engage with the travel surroundings. Bus, Trains, Two-wheelers, Cars, Auto-rickshaw, Carts, Flights, Choppers, etc. all have their own different feel and experience and when it’s the first time, it’s always a memorable one.

And mostly the first time traveling to a specific place or by a specific means of communication always is an unforgettable experience. And so is mine, my first travel to a new city via flight was an unforgettable experience for me.

I always maintain a diary for my little joy and things I do in my daily life, but this part of my diary has a special place in my heart. What’s better to learn about my experience in a poetic form rather than reading a paragraph, so here’s presenting below my experience of flight first time in my life.

first flight

Her First Flight

It all started with a business flight

But I never took it a little light

It always took a different sensation

When I visualized it in my imagination

Over packing bags – my common habit

But my mom prevented me with a hit

Make-ups, essentials all neatly encased

While searching for different shoes in my shoe-case

Roaming in the house with the packed bag

Shouting excitedly while my throat sags

Going in a flight tomorrow morning

Getting up early is a warning

Alarm buzz and eyes wide awake

Ready to bath and have breakfast cake

With cab waiting outside

I quickly run with the compact thoroughly applied

Saying hi to all the buddies coming my way

Plants, dogs, wind along the bay

Reached the port and jaw dropped

To the beauty of entrance that popped

With check-in done and baggage free

I roamed here and there as a buzzing bee

Up to the allocated flight area

Looking at the flights with anxiety hysteria

The very common ask

To get a window seat seemed a task

I managed it with my politeness

As the attendant could see the excitants

The delayed flight gave an hour wait

But I used it to explore the gates

Going up and down in the airport escalator

I became a curious kid innovator

Finally, an announcement came on

I rushed on to pounce on

To The first flight of my life

Which is ready like a newlywed wife

The deep infusing into the cloud

With a sound very aloudddddd

Some guided me to plug my ears

But it was thrilling to only focus on the gear

It’s crazy to record all through your own eyes

But who cares when u r enjoying all your thighs

A supercalifrafilistic expliadiocious part

When you roam all around the cart

Jumping all way to different seats

To explore the view in all bits

Finally, countdown to land now

But the wings of mind made a wow

Make a comeback in another three days

All with the same excitement of first day!!!

This article is contributed by Rinku Soni!

Author Bio: Namaste, I am Rinku Soni, a Mumbaikar from the Suburb part of Mumbai. Born into Marwari Rajasthani family, cheerful, notorious, happy-go-lucky girl. Since childhood, I have always dreamt of becoming big and travel to different places. My parents also with the same vibes have given the best of travel experiences to me and my other siblings. Currently, I am working in Freyr as a regulatory expert and dream to travel the world mostly greenery and forests, and do adventurous trips and enjoy life before I die. Mantra for Life – Live every moment, Laugh every day, Love beyond words.

Rinku Soni


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