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Aspiring Home Chefs – Apps That Will Help You Grow

Have you been the one who can whip out the most awesome recipes out of nowhere on the weekends? The cookies you made disappear in seconds like you never made them in the first place? Does your cooking leave people rejoicing hallelujah? Well well well, we sense a cook inside you!

Home chefs were already growing in numbers, but the tiny industry has boomed in recent years, especially in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit our lives, forcing everyone into multiple lockdowns and quarantines.

As a home chef, you don’t need any commercial or professional food and beverage qualifications, but your heart must be driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. This means you must have your hands in marketing, having an interest in promoting and growing your business, keeping the order of sales and accounts, and building strong customer relations. 

If you are already following your passion for cooking, and are already a home chef, we say ‘kudos’ to you. If you are still planning on becoming one, we are here to help you with the support that you will need online.

No, we won’t list down the widely popular recipe apps or will recommend numerous cookbooks…

Here in this blog post, we will talk about the apps that will help aspiring home chefs to grow. Keep reading.

Top 5 apps that help aspiring home chefs to grow:

Kitchen Dial: This free app allows aspiring cooks to make measurement conversions quickly and easily. Let’s say if a recipe calls for a specific amount of ounces and you only have cups or tablespoons as measuring tools, there is no need to agonize over it on paper and pen! Just open up Kitchen Dial and it will do the math for you. 

Kitchen Dial

Epicurious: If you google recipes, chances are you will land on the Epicurious website. Epicurious has more than 30,000 recipes collected from popular cookbooks and sources like Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and HarperCollins, and over 100,000 user-submitted recipes as well.


Handpick: This unique app makes it easy for users to “pick ingredients and discover dishes.” One of the trickiest parts of cooking is learning how to make a dish out of the ingredients that you have in your fridge or pantry. Handpick has an ingredient pairing tab that allows users to find dishes they can make with the items you already have in hand. And the wonderful thing is that it is free on both Android and iOS! 


Allrecipes: This app lets you connect with millions of home cooks/chefs to learn their recipes or to share your recipes with them. The app shows personalized suggestions for you and it curates them based on your recipes saved and made. You can search for recipes using the ingredients as well as with using the dish names. The ‘Dinner Spinner’ option on the app lets you find new recipes with just a shake of your phone.


Blue Apron: We know what home chefs go through: Grocery shopping, gathering everything, setting up the kitchen, cleaning afterward…and numerous such things! If you are someone who loves cooking but dreads shopping, this app is specifically for you. Blue Apron will bring a variety of pre-portioned ingredients right at your door, along with step-by-step instructions to make a delicious recipe designed by a nutritionist or a chef. This is not just your regular food delivery service but is something more than that. It also allows you to personalize your weekly menus based on your food preferences and also accommodate various dietary restrictions, including specific allergies, vegetarian or vegan diets, etc.

Blue Apron

Summing up

Want to up your kitchen game? Fasten your apron and install these helpful apps to bring out the best home chef in you!


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