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An Angel With Whiskers – A Kitten | CAT-titude Explained by Azra Khanam

Cats have been associated with humans since the Egyptian civilization era to Medieval times being a cool sidekick to the wicked witches flying on brooms.

Katy Perry, Kesha, Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift, Penelope Cruz, Jacqueline Fernandez, Alia Bhatt are few of the many celebrities owned by Cats. 

You got it right…. Owned by Cats. Cats are undoubtedly, not anything close to a pet. When you get a cat home, it is your slavery towards your FURRRR-mate. 

Besides, Cats are extremely loving, very compassionate, and bring happiness and joy to the lives of many pet parents. The affection received from this feline pet will not always be mutual, due to their CAT-titude. Therefore, it is very rare and precious too. 

Cats Companion

Next time you feel lonely and depressed, remember you do not need a shrink. Instead, get yourself “An Angel with whiskers – A Kitten”. 

These curious little pom balls can fill the space when you are living on your own and are much more fun than any other human. 

Cats are capable of giving you an excellent company, even while lying next to you sleeping to glory, caring not once what’s going around them and they can also be great buddies, who will be there interfering into every business of yours, no matter how many times you put them aside. Considering everything you own belongs to them, they take no challenge in intruding into your privacy and setting your priorities straight, towards them. 

Depending on your cat’s breed, you might have a cat who loves sitting on your lap, sleeping over you, kneading your belly, or shadowing you wherever you go, like a guardian angel. Irrespective of your cat’s usual behavior, you can count on them to be waiting for you at the end of a tiring day.

Good Listeners

Aside from rolling and jumping around you all the time, cats can also be the best listeners. When interacting with a cat, their usual response is, two mesmerizing pupils staring at you, feeling every word and emotion you express. Cats can give you solace when you need to talk to someone. One thing you can be sure of is that your cat will keep your secret to themselves.

After pouring your heart out and shedding a few tears, you will be showered with a few purrs. For all, you know that cat purring or meowing is for you to feel better and assuring you that everything is going to be fine. And do not consider yourself to be crazy talking to cats, because you might be surprised about how relaxing it is.

Purring Therapy

Studies reveal cats don’t just purr when they are happy, they purr to reduce their pain and heal themselves.

Therefore, researchers also suggest that a cat’s purr has healing abilities, for humans too.

If you have an injury and need to mend your bones, petting a cat and the sound of its purring might help you heal faster. If you pay enough attention to your feline friends, you might have noticed that after having a tough day, cats tend to purr a lot. Significantly, this is a cat’s way to heal itself, after a tiring day playing around the house.

Sound Sleep and A Healthy Heart

While every cat is unique and special, they do have some common traits. In addition to being able to scale any object with super-kitty talent, cats can sneak into your space and hearts, bringing comfort, joy, and relaxation.

That includes cuddling up in bed at night, wanting to be as close as possible to you. And many people prefer it that way.

One of the many benefits of petting a cat is that you are bound to have a healthier heart and sound sleep.

A study reveals that there is a 30 percent chance that people who own cats can toss away a stroke and other heart problems. 

Kids with Pet Cats

When you are responsible for someone other than yourself, your sense of responsibility develops. This is not just applicable for dogs, but also for cats. 

With cats being more manageable, kids can play with them, handle them and roll over with them without harming one and another. In fact, children who raised pets have been shown to become more responsible adults than those who didn’t.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want a lot of fuss but you want a companion, cats could be the pet you are looking for. Having cats as pets has a lot of advantages, from making you healthier to tossing away your depression. Shower your kitty with love, and soon you will realize why these animals are some of the best pets out there.

Try watching some Cat videos on the internet, to feel their magic. As their swirling tails can wave away all your worry bringing a smile to your face.

The story is contributed by Azra Khanam. 


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