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8 Summer Wellness Tips for Healthy Living

Summer is not always about sun-kissed skin and beachy hair. It can be an overwhelming season as it brings out the most activeness in you with a list of to-do things! Fruity drinks, barbecue, long walks on the beach, and other outdoor activities, you might have all in your list. The sun is not always scorching in summer, but excessive sun exposure can bring out sunburns, heat strokes, and dehydration with it. It’s always important to set health and wellness goals in every season. We know change can be hard, start this summer with a few small things you can do right away.

We hope that the following tips will motivate you to focus on your health and stay active this summer! 

1. Wear your SPF: Always wear your sunscreen, even if you are just running errands or going for a short walk. A sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher is recommended. IT goes without saying that not all sunscreens are the same. Some might contain toxins and other chemical irritants. Always look at the ingredients before buying it, or consult a dermatologist for the best one. Avoid going out in the sun during peak sunny hours (10 a.m-4 p.m). Understand when the sun’s UV rays are harmful to you. Check out the UV index before you step out.

Wear your SPF

2.  Stay Hydrated: Part of protecting your skin is nourishing it from the inside out. Aim to drink more than the standard eight glasses a day. Always drink a full glass of water before you head out in the sun. Get creative, experiment with water, try and add some frozen fruits in it, you can also go for some mint leaves. Opt for fruit snacks with high water content like watermelon, tomatoes, and cucumber. 

Stay Hydrated

3. Keep up the exercise regime: Remember, summer exercise doesn’t have to stop because of the rise in the temperature. However, it can be difficult and uncomfortable to exercise in the summer months. Try getting some exercise in the morning hours itself before the sun is at its peak. Try exercising indoors. 

Keep up the exercise regime

4. Be aware of healthy smoothies: It is very important to keep an eye on what you are eating during the summer season. A lot of what you intake should be in liquid form as it will hell you more in the long run. While you will try to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, it is very important to be aware of healthy juices and smoothies. Blend fruits or go for multivitamin smoothies. However, smoothies with frozen yogurt in it can increase your calorie intake. 

Be aware of healthy smoothies

5: Eat seasonal food and fruits: Apart from eating fruits and vegetables that are easily available at any time of the year, also opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables. Eating seasonal eateries has various advantages and the top benefit is that it includes eating fresh fruits and vegetables that haven’t been processed or transported long distances. A small tip: Always buy them in small quantities to keep everything as fresh as possible.

Eat seasonal food and fruits

6. Take up a hobby: Summer is the perfect time to take a new hobby. It is a time to mentally unwind and bring new activities in your life. Maybe take up sports like swimming, tennis, etc.  and keep your mind and body mentally fit or you can stay indoors with activities like sketching, dancing, etc.

Take up a hobby

7. Do something you’ve never done before: There are endless things to explore and do! Why not make the best out of summer by saying yes to unexpected things and activities. If you’re taking the time off anyway for summer activities, use it to do something totally new. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, simply use your time to see something you never have. Make a to-do list and explore new things. 

Do something you’ve never done before

8. Learn when to say YES: Summer is full of activities both indoors and outdoors. The list can actually be overwhelming. But you have to prioritize things. Learn when to say yes and when to save yourself from mentally draining experiences. 

Learn when to say YES

Summer is meant to be refreshing. It’s a lighter load, a more flexible season, which gives you time to recharge. Make the most of your summer with these summer wellness tips.


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